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Browns Hotels to unveil Ayurvedic Retreat in Sigiriya

Browns Hotels to unveil Ayurvedic Retreat in Sigiriya

To meet the future demand of the global Ayurvedic Tourism market projected to reach USD 10,180 million by 2028 at an annual growth rate of 12%, Browns Hotels & Resorts will be introducing an exclusive Ayurveda Resort in Sigiriya.This is focusing on attracting tourists from the German, Swedish, British and Japanese markets.The property to be opened in May 2024 is located in 54 acres of unspoiled natural beauty and blends luxury with timeless Ayurvedic principles.

Surrounded by untouched forests and occasionally visited by elephants, the resort, just in the vicinity of the acclaimed Sigiriya Rock Fortress and a few minutes’ drive from the Dambulla Golden Temple, emanates an aura of rich history and ancient significance.“What sets it apart is the tangible weight of its historical past, providing an exceptional backdrop for an Ayurvedic retreat that ensures a transformative wellness experience with both preventive and curative treatments,” said  Chief Executive Officer, Browns Hotels & Resorts and Executive Director of Browns Hotels and Resorts Ltd, Eksath Wijeratne.

Guests could discover 22 opulent rooms and suites, each meticulously designed with private entrances, verandas, and plunge pools. “The commitment to sustainability will be evident in an organic menu featuring locally sourced, nourishing ingredients.”Visitors can engage in yoga sessions guided by a seasoned Yoga Master, harmonizing mind, body and soul. The on-site Ayurvedic Consultant and Resident Doctor will craft personalized treatment plans lasting 7-21 days. The organic menu, crafted by specialized chefs, showcases locally sourced, nourishing ingredients in line with doctor-recommended calorie intake. Embracing Sri Lankan food culture, each dish is a sensorial delight; complementing personalized Ayurvedic therapeutic diet plans.

The Ayurvedic wisdom exploration will extend to the resort’s herb gardens, rooted in sustainability.“Guests could have the opportunity to be pampered and looked after by professionals, certified Ayurvedic doctors, consultants and staff ensuring authenticity in treatments. They can immerse themselves in spiritual and cultural activities for a unique experience and relish in authentic Ayurvedic wisdom while savoring a carefully curated food menu.”

Browns Hotels & Resorts Ayurveda Resort will promise a one-of-a-kind well-being experience, setting the stage for a holistic wellness retreat.The hotel will offer consultation involving individual diagnosis and the formulation of treatment plans, along with the implementation of an authentic herbal medicine regimen. In addition it offers Special rejuvenation treatments and Ayurvedic therapeutic diet plan according to ayurvedic treatment.Treatment package will be decided only after the consultation by ayurvedic physician according to the guest’s body constitution.

Panchakarma treatments together with ‘Purwa (Pre) karma’and ‘Paschath (Post) karma’ too would be offered.Meditation in Kaludiya Pokuna, Butterfly garden/birds watching sessions in resort areas, Cultural activities/shows and oriental music and musical therapy too would be some of the other unique offerings.

( Source : Daily News)

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