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Union Assurance Expands Lifestyle Ecosystem with Clicklife App Digital Rewards

Incorporated with a host of innovative, new-age features, the pioneering Insurance app Clicklife launched by Union Assurance is transforming lifestyles across the country while enhancing the Insurance experience. The Clicklife App, which was specifically created to offer unique benefits to empower customers, is part of the broader digital vision of Union Assurance to reimagine traditional Life Insurance.

The ‘Clicklife ecosystem’ provides a comprehensive lifestyle ecosystem to help users better manage their health and financial wellness. Through the Clicklife App, users have access to the ecosystem’s latest feature Thyaga – the largest multi-store gift voucher platform in Sri Lanka.

The totally digitised rewards system provides a truly seamless experience. The loyalty points awarded for engaging with the Clicklife App’s features can be collected and redeemed through newly-introduced digital vouchers. These digital vouchers can be used at over 85 partner merchants, including supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and clothing stores. Customers will also receive special discounts and offers from the exclusive network of partners. Points can be collected by making premium payments via the App, completing the fitness goal of 150 active minutes a week recommended by WHO (which helps people live longer, sleep better and boost their mood), and participating in monthly challenges. Furthermore, special gifts are offered to celebrate milestones achieved by customers.

The partnership with Thyaga was established via the John Keells X (JKX) open innovation programme launched by John Keells Group, the parent company of Union Assurance. Union Assurance is committed to supporting open innovation and contributing to build a thriving fintech ecosystem in Sri Lanka. Under the JKX open innovation programme, startups can leverage and benefit from the vast JKH ecosystem that includes Union Assurance. The aim is to build a global platform that will drive open innovation at scale.

The Clicklife App revolutionised the Insurance landscape by enabling customers to manage their Insurance via mobile phones, anytime and anywhere. With zero hassle and paperwork, it is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use self-service App for one’s Insurance needs. Premiums can be paid, policy- related documents can be downloaded, and policy details accessed with a simple click. Claims and policy documents can be submitted from the comfort of one’s home. When it comes to medical treatment, the App facilitates everything from cashless hospitalisation to channelling physicians with utmost ease and convenience.

Another breakthrough feature of the Clicklife App is the ‘Get fit’ facility. It includes a dashboard to track one’s physical activity and a calorie log to track daily food intake. The state-of-the-art calorie counter incorporates an AI-powered food image capture and recognition system that enables users to snap images of their meals and input their calorie intake. It has a database of over 900,000 food items, including numerous Sri Lankan foods. Users can also create a personalised fitness plan to lose or maintain weight based on the Mifflin-St Jeor equation – one of the most widely used BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) formulas. All these features help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure their well-being.

The Clicklife App has played a pivotal role in the customer-centric strategy of Union Assurance to enhance service excellence, helping to narrow the protection gap and empower the lives of Sri Lankans. It harnesses the power of digitalisation to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is integral to Union Assurance’s visionary digital roadmap for disrupting the Insurance industry in Sri Lanka. The Clicklife App greatly expands the digital space in Life Insurance through accessibility and convenience.

Union Assurance is a part of the John Keells Group. It is among the most awarded Insurance companies in Sri Lanka, completing over three decades of success with a market capitalisation of Rs.17.9 Bn, a Life Fund of Rs.49.7 Bn, and an investment portfolio of Rs.58.5 Bn as of March 2022. Set to empower the Sri Lankan Dream, Union Assurance offers Life Insurance solutions that cover education, health, investment, protection, and retirement needs of Sri Lankans. With an over 3,000-strong workforce, the Company has been recognised as a Great Place to Work© for nine consecutive years. It continues to invest in people, products, and processes to transform the Life Insurance industry in Sri Lanka.

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