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The ‘Samaposha Provincial School Sports Meet 2023’ will begin on the 15th of August with the participation of 18,000 athletes from five provinces

The ‘2023 Samaposha Provincial School Meet will be held in the five provinces of Uva, North Central, East, Northwest, and South by empowering the country’s most popular breakfast cereal brand, which is the flagship brand of CBL subsidiary Plenty Foods (Pvt) Limited and will begin on 15th of August, 2023.

Organized in collaboration with provincial education offices, the games will be held separately from August to September with the support of the five provinces.

More than 18,000 athletes representing more than 650 schools are expected to participate in more than 70 events. Trophies, certificates, and medals will be awarded to the winning schools and athletes.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Upali Amarathunga, Director of Sports (Health, Physical Education, and Sports) of the Ministry of Education, said: “I hugely appreciate the support provided by CBL Samaposha Co-operatives in taking children to the national level by promoting the physical and mental well-being of future generations.

The Northwestern Provincial Games will be held from August 15th to 18th. It will be held at Peiris Stadium Wennappuwa. Speaking on the occasion, the Director of Education (Health and Physical Education), Northwestern Province, Mr. W.M.H.K. Abeykoon, said “It is commendable that this national hand is being used to enable school athletes to become more aware of their abilities through new technology, to build pride as sportsmen, Samaposha produces international-level athletes who bring laurels to this country through that pride.”

The second sports event, the Uva Provincial Games, will be held from September 1st to 4th at the Vinson Dias Stadium in Badulla. Mr. H. G. Channa Karunasena commented on this. “For the first time, Samaposha came forward to take these games to a clear success by supporting us to raise the children who are trying to rise from the grassroots to the national level.”

As the third sports event, the North Central and Southern Provincial Games will be held from September 5th to September 8th. The North Central Provincial Games will be held at the Anuradhapura Public Stadium, and the Southern Provincial Games will be held at Beliatta D.A. Rajapaksa College Ground.

Assistant Director of Education (Physical Education) of North Central Province, Mr. M.A.T.D. Mapalagama expressed his views. “Over the years, Samaposha has been developing the sportsmanship of the children of the North-Western Province, displaying their talent, and setting the stage for them to set foot on the national level. I deeply appreciate the support provided to these children, who have endured hardships and committed themselves to the game. Help them come forward.”

Provincial Deputy Director of Education (Physical Education) Mr. B. M. Krishan Duminda said: “On behalf of all, I would like to thank everyone for this initiative to enhance the sports, education, and nutrition of children as co-operative brands for this Southern Provincial Game, which is being organized primarily by the Department of Education of the Southern Province.”

The last sports event, the Eastern Province Games, will be held from the 19th to the 23rd of September at The Lilarathna Stadium in Kantale. The Eastern Province Deputy Director of Education (Physical Education), Mr. E.P.G. I. Dharmathilake, said this. “Samaposha is the first sponsor to come to the Eastern Province after many years to promote school sports. These games are a great asset to the Eastern Province. There is indescribable joy in saying that a local product is doing this service to the children of the country. I thank them on behalf of all.”

Mr. Thilanka De Soysa, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CBL Food cluster, commented on the matter. “Nutrition and strength, as well as strong commitment, patience, self-confidence, and discipline, are very important for the betterment of sports and athletes. Through this, good personalities will be produced through the game.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sachi Fernando, General Manager, Marketing, CBL Food cluster, said: “Through Samaposha, we endeavor to create a young generation with not only nutrition but also self-confidence and holistic development. Therefore, as a company under the theme of ‘Dinana Daruwo’, we are incredibly happy to organize such sports events and contribute to laying the foundation for taking school-level athletes to the international level. ”

Samaposha is constantly focusing on having a balanced breakfast to create a future generation full of healthy nutrition. Intending to promote the physical and mental well-being of the future generation, the ‘Dinana Daruwo’ program is another phase of the series of programs that have been conducted by CBL Social Care.

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