clock December 24,2023

SLT-MOBITEL unveils new ESG theme 'Co-Connection'

Reaffirming its commitment to excellence in carrying out responsible initiatives to reduce human impact on the environment, empowering communities through digitalisation and streamlined operations, SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICT Solutions Provider, unveiled its new ESG theme 'Co-Connection'.

The new 'Co-Connection' theme recognises the vital role businesses play today in shaping a sustainable future and aims to take a holistic approach to ESG in nurturing a harmonious co-existence between the organisation’s operations, environment, and society.

‘Co-Connection for the Environment’ focuses on reducing SLT-MOBITEL’s ecological footprint and promoting conservation practices. It includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy and natural resources, and promoting a sustainable future.

As the National ICT Solutions Provider, SLT-MOBITEL has proactively reduced its environmental impact by successfully cutting down GHG emissions by 18 million metric tonnes across all scopes. Additionally, the company has made significant strides in addressing e-waste, managing over 300 metric tonnes of electronic waste.

Making a positive impact on communities’ island-wide, ‘Co-Connection for Society’ focuses on improving the wellbeing of communities and workers. Initiatives include supporting communities by providing educational and health aid, supporting diversity and inclusion, and reducing poverty and inequality.

Understanding the massive toll on the economy during the pandemic, SLT-MOBITEL invested over Rs. 350 million during the crisis to ensure connectivity and respond to community needs. Additionally, to deliver long-term value and nature-positive outcomes, the company supported the regeneration of 15 acres of SLT-MOBITEL owned bare land for cultivation.

The ‘Co-Connection for Governance’ pillar is where the company will focus on improving the transparency, accountability, and integrity of the organisation. Initiatives include implementing strong ethical standards while promoting responsible corporate operations and stakeholder interactions while creating a corporate culture that works towards a sustainable future.

To further the company’s programs, it has adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for social responsibility practices. Compliance with the goals stems from a global call to action to ensure a more sustainable future for people and the planet.

Linking corporate governance with whistleblowing procedures, the company has improved measures to enable company employees, any stakeholder, or the public to report concerns that may adversely affect the company and forming a governance board such as strategic investment, products, project and IT governance.

Businesses can no longer ignore the importance of a strong ESG foundation. Through 'Co-Connection,' SLT-MOBITEL is taking a comprehensive approach, recognising its pivotal role in driving long-term value creation. 'Co-Connection’ aims to create real change, promote positive transformation for the benefit of society, its employees, and all stakeholders, and support meaningful impacts on global sustainability. 

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