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Muscle Max Sri Lanka Top 10 2024 powered by Muscle Max Fitness Kingdom and Iron Arms Sets the Bar Higher

Muscle Max Sri Lanka Top 10 2024 powered by Muscle Max Fitness Kingdom and Iron Arms Sets the Bar Higher

Muscle Max Fitness Kingdom and Iron Arms, two of the leading gyms in Kelaniya, have joined forces to present MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA TOP 10 2024, which is poised to transform bodybuilding tournaments in Sri Lanka. An exclusive bodybuilding extravaganza, the event is organized with the esteemed support of the Body Building Federation of Sri Lanka. The event will showcase and recognize the best bodybuilders from across the Island. MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA TOP 10 2024 aims to transcend exhibitions of pure physical prowess and instead act as a showcase for the unwavering and disciplined pursuit of excellence required to excel in the demanding art of bodybuilding.

Announced at a special press conference held on the 12th of March 2024 at the Maco Polo – Excel World, MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA Top 10 2024 is scheduled to take place over the next couple of months, with the Grand Finale on the 26th of May 2024, at the Clover Banquet Hall in Gonawala, Kelaniya. A number of tournaments are scheduled and a series of titles will be presented to the winners.The ultimate grand title of MR MUSCLE MAX will be awarded in all-Island open event. The top 10 bodybuilders that emerge from all applicants across Sri Lanka, will compete for this exclusive and prestigious title, with only one winner emerging. In addition, the winner of the coveted Muscle Max – Physique title will also be selected. Meanwhile, under the flagship title series, MR. KELANIYA 2024, awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place under the respective title categories. The titles include MR. KELANIYA Top 10 Bodybuilders, MR. KELANIYA – Physique, MR. KELANIYA – Handsome, and MISS. KELANIYA – Athletic.

Commenting on the tournament, Chanaka Peter – Project Chairman of Muscle Max Sri Lanka Top 10 2024 said, “We are pleased to launch this event that brings the focus back to healthy and fulfilling lifestyles. We envision a community where wholesome pursuits take precedence over detrimental habits. So, join us as we pay tribute to the storied achievements of our veteran athletes and inspire a new passion for healthy bodybuilding among the youth. MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA TOP 10 2024 presents a new, clean platform for young bodybuilders in Sri Lanka, with a focus on good health practices and developing fulfilling lifestyles. We invite everyone to join us as we celebrate this art and sport that is founded on discipline and a genuine pursuit of personal excellence.”

Mr. Johny, the Tournament Director, also commented saying, “MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA TOP 10 2024 is going to be a game changer in terms of competition fairness and transparency. We are working to ensure a seamless and fair application process, from the initial announcement to the selection of participants. We prioritize transparency and adherence to guidelines, promoting a level playing field for all aspiring bodybuilders. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to competitors, helping them excel in their respective categories and ultimately celebrating their achievements on the grand stage. Join us as we establish a new standard of healthy competition, clean bodybuilding and encouraging our participants to build a holistically healthy lifestyle.”

Mr. Rasintha Delepola, Director – Training and Development at the National Youth Service Council added, “Youth are increasingly engaging with physical fitness and wellness, including bodybuilding. We must encourage this as it helps them focus their energy and steer clear of detrimental influences in society. At the same time, we must educate them on health and safety in the gym, helping them to embrace the sport in a healthy way, building not only their bodies but also their resilience against negative temptations. Therefore, I take this opportunity to appreciate efforts like MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA TOP 10 2024, which are helping our youth to build towards better things in life.”MUSCLE MAX SRI LANKA Top 10 2024 is presently looking for partners and sponsors who would like to support this new platform for healthy and responsible bodybuilding in Sri Lanka. To learn more about partnership opportunities, to enter as a participant, or for tickets, please contact Chanaka Peter – Project Chairman on 0772793893, or Johny – Tournament director on 0776677808.


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