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Full'r Burgers—Giga Food's Gourmet Journey Beyond Boundaries!

Full'r Burgers—Giga Food's Gourmet Journey Beyond Boundaries!

Who could resist a burger that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also weaves a delicious tale of innovation and art? Full'r Burgers has set its culinary spectacle in the vibrant city, mastering the art of crafting visually stunning and flavor-packed burgers that transcend the ordinary.Navigating the intricate dance of the cloud kitchen industry, Shifaz Riyaz, the visionary CEO of Giga Foods Pvt Ltd, shares his thoughts, "Our vision is to set trends, to innovate, and to establish Full'r as the unrivaled burger chain in Sri Lanka," with a gleam of determination. Renowned for its unbelievable taste and visionary build, Full'r Burgers is on a trajectory to deliver an unparalleled gourmet kitchen experience.

"With over seven outlets already weaving their magic in the western province, Full'r has not only weathered the storm of the pandemic and economic crises but has emerged stronger, achieving remarkable success," Shifaz proudly declares. The company's journey is not just about overcoming hurdles but creating a legacy with a team of innovative burger maestros.From the tasty 'Baby Barry' that brings smiles to the little ones to the 'Major General' that sets taste buds ablaze, Full'r Burgers ensures a diverse range catering to both non-veg and veg preferences. Shifaz emphasizes, "Our commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction at its peak, and our spirit of innovation is an ever-flowing river."

 "Quality, consistency, and innovation are our guiding lights," Revan Gunewardene, the COO of Giga Foods Pvt Ltd., asserts. The brand's commitment to leaving a lasting impression is evident in creations like the 'Jingle Buns' and the recent Royal-Thomian battle of burgers; 'The Royal Spirit' and 'Thomian Grit.'Transitioning expertise to youth, Full'r revitalizes each burger, avoiding mundanity. Revan unravels the digital strategy, stating, "We aim to own the mess and innovate the future today in the burger industry."Looking into the future, Shifaz and Revan envision Full'r Burgers not just as a local success story but as a global culinary phenomenon. With creations like the 'Love at first bite,' beautifully curated heart-shaped burgers for Valentine's and the 'Dragon Burgers' that continue to live in the tasty memories of people in town, Full'r seeks to redefine the burger experience. Expansion plans, introductions of new flavors, and solidifying Full'r's place as a trailblazer in gourmet burgers are all part of the exciting journey ahead.

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