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CIC partners with Planet Green Force and UNESCO to nurture lives of Sri Lanka’s future green leaders

CIC partners with Planet Green Force and UNESCO to nurture lives of Sri Lanka’s future green leaders

Educates and empowers students of Ananda College Colombo on food security and climate change literacy through ‘Seeds of Security’ initiative

March 13, 2024: Agriculture-rich diversified conglomerate CIC Holdings PLC (CSE: CIC) announced a pioneering partnership with Planet Green Force (PGF) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to foster the development of Sri Lanka’s future green leaders. The partnership educates and empowers students on crucial issues such as food security, combatting global warming, and promoting sustainable green initiatives. It further encourages the adoption of UNESCO Green Academies’ pillars of water security, waste management, clean energy, and biomass production while embracing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The inaugural event of this initiative took place recently at Ananda College Colombo, where CIC actively participated in the ‘Seeds of Security’ program. Developed as part of the Planet Green Force concept, this program focuses on imparting essential knowledge and skills to students, preparing them to address the challenges of food security and combating climate change in an ever-changing world. The event was graced by CIC Holdings Group Chief Executive Officer Aroshan Seresinhe, Planet Green Force Founder Harith Wickrema, Ananda College Colombo Principal DMLP Dissanayake, senior executives of CIC Holdings, teachers and students.‘Seeds of Security’ connects school children to global environmental issues through community-level local engagement, igniting passion and inspiring the next generation of green ambassadors. It provides an example of a circular, self-sustaining program that teaches waste reduction while cultivating food security, combating hunger, and encouraging good nutrition.

As a trailblazer in the agriculture sector, CIC is deeply committed to fostering sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Recognising that the future lies in the hands of the upcoming generations, the organisation is dedicated to nurturing the next cohort of leaders who will be instrumental in steering Sri Lanka towards a secure and sustainable future. Furthermore, CIC’s involvement with PGF and UNESCO manifests the company’s core values rooted in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Beyond its role as an industry leader, CIC envisions a broader responsibility towards society, actively engaging in initiatives that contribute positively to the communities it serves.

Group CEO Aroshan Seresinhe commented on this initiative: “Our strategic collaboration underscores CIC’s belief in the profound interconnection between agriculture, environmental health, and societal well-being. By aligning with PGF and UNESCO, we are strategically positioning to be at the forefront of innovative and impactful projects that address global challenges like tackling food security and promoting sustainable green initiatives. This commitment extends beyond the immediate scope of our business operations, reflecting a holistic approach that encompasses the broader aspects of sustainability and ethical business practices.”

“Through initiatives like ‘Seeds of Security,’ CIC aims to impart knowledge and instill a sense of ethical responsibility and environmental consciousness in the younger generation. The company envisions these efforts as a catalyst for a cultural shift, where sustainability becomes ingrained in the values and actions of future leaders,” he said further.With the issue of global warming top of mind, Planet Green Force is envisioned as a worldwide league for children from grades 1-13, with the mission to educate, ignite passion, build awareness and mount meaningful change in eradicating hunger, battling global warming and embracing green initiatives. With the pilot project now being initiated at Ananda College Colombo, PGF plans to expand this programme into other schools across Sri Lanka through numerous activities like school competitions and prizes with global rewards. The ultimate mission is to have PGF in every community within Sri Lanka, creating a generation of eco-minded, environmentally green leaders across the nation and throughout the world.Planet Green Force Founder Harith Wickrema said, “We thank CIC Holdings for extending their leadership in spearheading the pilot project. We recognise that collaboration with like-minded entities such as CIC amplifies the impact of individual efforts.

By joining forces, PGF is leveraging a collective wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources from CIC to address complex issues that transcend organisational boundaries. This collaborative approach reflects our understanding that sustainable development requires a unified effort and a shared commitment to effect meaningful change. I also believe that CIC is on the verge of a paradigm shift that other such global players will emulate."During the event, CIC handed over 500 grow bags and nutrient vegetable seeds to the students and conducted a session to educate students on how food security helps to build a stable economy. CIC plans to hand over 2,500 grow bags, assisting the students in learning how to grow, compost, and develop nutritious food items on the school premises and in their home gardens.

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