clock December 24,2023

Loops Integrated & Veracity Group Join Forces to Revolutionize Performance Marketing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

In a groundbreaking move, Loops Integrated, a leading advertising agency in Sri Lanka, has partnered with Veracity Group to pioneer a new era in performance marketing. Veracity Group comprises various verticals, including Veracity Digital, which focuses on tech, while others cover different aspects of business. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize the marketing landscape by introducing advanced AI-driven solutions both locally and globally.

With Loops' reputation for innovative marketing strategies and Veracity's expertise in AI and ML solutions, the collaboration promises to redefine success for clients in the digital age. Veracity Digital, renowned for its AI and ML prowess, brings a wealth of experience in custom software development and tech innovation, making them the ideal partner for Loops' forward-looking vision.

"We are thrilled to announce this partnership," says Jeevan Gnanam, a pioneering AI evangelist & data scientist in Sri Lanka who serves on the board of Loops Integrated. "This partnership transcends the mere union of two companies; it represents the fusion of two visions committed to leveraging AI's transformative power to redefine the marketing landscape. My passion & belief in AI as a force for good, with appropriate regulation, align perfectly with our goal to spearhead the market with innovative, AI-driven marketing solutions."

This collaboration represents a journey toward unlocking new potentials with AI, fostering innovation, efficiency, and growth beyond a business venture. By leveraging AI and ML technologies, Loops Integrated and Veracity Group are poised to revolutionize business engagement, ensuring companies thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Combining Loops' established presence with Veracity Digital’s AI expertise, brings a promises to revolutionize Sri Lanka's marketing landscape aiming to enhance marketing effectiveness and stimulate innovation. This initiative is expected to empower Sri Lankan businesses to compete globally, driving economic advancement and positioning the country as a digital innovation hub in the region.

Loops Integrated and Veracity Group have outlined a comprehensive plan for their strategic partnership, focusing on leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance marketing effectiveness. Their joint initiatives include the development of customized AI-driven campaigns, the creation of innovative marketing tools, and collaborative research endeavors to advance industry standards. Additionally, they will conduct in-depth data analytics, host educational events, and provide consulting services to ensure seamless integration of AI into marketing strategies. This professional collaboration aims to elevate marketing practices and foster sustainable business growth locally and internationally.

Through these collaborative efforts, the partnership aims to deliver tangible value to clients, driving innovation, enhancing competitiveness, & driving business success in the dynamic digital landscape of Sri Lanka & beyond.

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