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E.B Creasy & Co. PLC’s Own 2.5 MW Rooftop Solar Sparks Industry Change

E.B Creasy & Co. PLC’s Own 2.5 MW Rooftop Solar Sparks Industry Change

E.B. Creasy Solar, the Renewable Energy Division of the E.B. Creasy & Co. PLC Group, has emerged as a true pioneer in powering sustainability through renewable energy, driven by a strong commitment to innovation. This is evident by the impressive transformation that E. B. Creasy Solar has driven within the Group itself, driving this distinguished and longstanding conglomerate towards a sustainable future. The company’s foray into solar energy is not just an adaptation but a clear reflection of its forward-thinking ethos. One that seeks to harness the abundant solar resources of Sri Lanka to mitigate environmental impacts and lead the charge toward sustainable transformation within the corporate sector.

The Group’s dedication to renewable energy is showcased through its strategic implementation of solar grid-tied systems across its various entities, cumulatively contributing more than 2.5 MW to the national grid. This includes Ceyflex Rubber with 297 kW, Creasy Foods with 200 kW, Lanka Special Steels with an impressive 450 kW, and the Ninja Factory with 334 kW. Additionally, E.B. Creasy’s Sapugaskanda Manufacturing Facility supplies 383 kW, Candy Delights contributes 116 kW, and Laxapana Batteries PLC includes a significant 334 kW. Presently, a 400-kW solar grid-tied system is also being installed at the E.B. Creasy & Co. PLC’s  Headquarters, further symbolizing the Group’s unwavering commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and leading by example in the shift towards sustainability.

These projects collectively highlight how E. B. Creasy Solar is not just transforming the energy landscape within the Group but is also contributing significantly to the nation’s power grid, showcasing the feasibility and benefits of solar energy. By harnessing the sun’s limitless power, these initiatives are paving the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future, aligning with global sustainability goals and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

E.B. Creasy Solar has also helped to drive other landmark solar projects and represents key global brands in Sri Lanka. It has notably contributed to the ‘Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development’ project, sponsored by the World Bank, supplying and installing over 15,000 home energy systems. E. B. Creasy Solar also proudly represents Bernt Lorentz GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, one of the world’s largest solar-powered water pump manufacturers, as its exclusive partner in Sri Lanka. Over the past 22 years, E. B. Creasy Solar has also successfully installed numerous large-scale community water supply systems powered by solar energy for prestigious organizations such as UNDP, WORLD VISION LANKA, and IOM. These projects have catered to agricultural and domestic needs and have positioned E.B. Creasy Solar as a leading on-grid solar solutions provider in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with globally renowned brands such as AP Systems, ABB/FIMER, Longi PV Modules, AE Solar PV Modules and Phono Solar PV Modules.

Established in 1878, E.B. Creasy & Co. PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s longest-established continuously running conglomerates, and a venerable business house on the Island, having been publicly listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange since 1968. The company has carved a niche for itself in various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and the import and distribution of a diverse range of products such as automotive batteries, machinery, electric generators, and paints. Through its diversified operations, E.B. Creasy & Co. PLC continues to be a pillar of innovation and sustainability in Sri Lanka’s corporate arena, embracing both its rich heritage and a forward-thinking approach to business.

Harness the limitless power of the sun and journey with E. B. Creasy Solar toward a sustainable future. Contact them on 077 440 7040 / 011 247 8770 – 9  or to learn more, visit, drop an email to, or pay a visit to  E.B. Creasy & Co. PLC’s Head office at No 98, Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo 10.

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