Monday, December 4, 2023

Global bestselling author Mimi Nicklin’s book launch and leadership event a resounding success

Mimi Nicklin, world-renowned empathetic leader, CEO and best-selling author recently hosted a festive season book launch and an invitees-only transformational leadership event at Barefoot.

Mimi Nicklin’s international bestselling book “Softening the Edge” was successfully launched in Sri Lanka earlier this year and the book has already been restocked due to huge demand from leadership teams and brands nationwide. With new copies of the book hitting the stores once again, Nicklin organised this special two-in-one event to provide a platform for interested parties to engage with her on her core topic of empathy, purchase the book and gain insights on its contents. The interactive event was attended by a full house of business leaders, CMOs, creatives and diplomats.

During the event, Nicklin drove home the key point about the need and power of organisational empathy in leadership as Sri Lanka gradually recovers from the economic crisis of 2022. The island nation is heading into the new year with renewed optimism but is faced with the monumental task of overcoming numerous hurdles on multiple fronts.

Sharing her thoughts on the challenges facing the country, Mimi Nicklin stated, “For Sri Lankans, the past three years have been a very difficult period with three unforeseen challenges bringing about a world full of complexities, and ever-increasing tension and hardship for people from all walks of life. This unexpected turn of events has made the integration of personal and professional life overwhelming for many, leading to trying circumstances in every aspect of life. With many employees feeling the strain of the continued inflation and a looming global recession, the entire country will be entering the year 2023 wary about the future. Given such a backdrop, I believe the country’s recovery demands a heightened form of engaged and connected leadership.”

In addition to writing an international bestselling book, Nicklin is also the host of “The Empathy for Breakfast Show” podcast, the Founder of the world’s first empathy platform “Empathy Everywhere” and the CEO of the world’s most free advertising agency Freedm. She works passionately to connect people and organisations with mutual human understanding. Her goal is to fill the empathy gap and rebuild societies and businesses worldwide, one organisation at a time. She has been featured on BBC, NBC, CEO Today, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, BusinessDay TV, The Hindu and eNCA. Mimi’s Empathy-centric diverse offerings include Keynote Speeches and MC’ing, Workshops and Seminars (Virtual & In Person), The Empathy Advantage Training, Regenerative Leadership Courses, Creativity & Culture Training, Self-empathy & Wellness At Work and Youth Engagement.

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