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Daraz Buy1Give1 reaches out to more than 1000 families in vulnerable communities

In response to the crisis in Sri Lanka, Daraz launched a “Buy1Give1” program in May 2022. The aim of Buy1Give1 was to provide some relief to vulnerable communities, while enabling consumers to transform everyday activities like buying groceries into high-impact, meaningful actions. Daraz is committed to creating a world full of giving, and to further strengthen this effort, Daraz partnered with the Foundation of Goodness to identify families in need and distribute goods collected through this initiative.

Commenting on this effort, Mr. Rakhil Fernando, Managing Director of Daraz Sri Lanka, noted: “Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented crisis, and we need to work together to figure out new ways of empowering each other and lifting each other up. The Buy1Give1 model is practiced in other parts of the world, as a means of transforming everyday actions into something meaningful, and that is what we are trying to do in Sri Lanka during this time. We also did not want to put any unnecessary pressure on our consumers and developed a way for them to be part of our initiative while meeting their own daily needs. We are also delighted to partner with the Foundation of Goodness on the distribution, because it enables us to ensure that the items collected goes to families who need them the most.”

On 18th July 2022, Daraz officially handed over 8,800 goods worth USD 10,000 to the Foundation of Goodness. These goods will be added to the Foundation’s “Feed the Hungry” program and “Goodness Boxes”, which have already reached 23,000 families in Sri Lanka. The Foundation of Goodness estimates that at least 1,000 families will be able to benefit from the Daraz Buy1Give1 campaign.

Mr. Kushil Gunasekera, Founder and Chief Trustee of Foundation of Goodness, said: “We are extremely privileged to have Daraz on board to donate items towards the Feed the Hungry program through their Buy1Give1 promotion at a time when it is needed the most. Any gift that is unconditionally granted, especially unasked, is always a superior act of generosity and compassion. We value immensely the kindness shown to alleviate the struggles and hardships encountered and applaud this magnanimous gesture. Daraz has demonstrated their community care by helping 1,000 families access meals and that depth of generosity is the real test of humanity.”

Daraz will continue to initiate new ways of supporting and building the Sri Lanka community through its e-commerce platform.

Daraz Sri Lanka is the largest online shopping marketplace in Sri Lanka and is home to a collection of wide-ranging products featured under groceries (Daraz Mart), consumer electronics, home appliances, fashion, sports goods, pet supplies, and much more. Daraz Sri Lanka is a part of South Asia’s premier online shopping marketplace Daraz, which has an active and growing presence in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. Supported by cutting-edge technology, tailored marketing, data, and service solutions, Daraz Sri Lanka hosts a growing base of 2.5 million users, over 125,000 registered sellers, and at any given time, over 4.5 million products are being advertised and sold on the platform.

Daraz’s logistics company, DEX, delivers more than 50,000 packages to consumers every day, and a majority of those 50,000-plus packages are sold by local sellers that operate on the platform. Daraz is focused on delivering excellent customer experiences, ease of purchase, comprehensive customer care, and a hassle-free shopping and returns experience. Supported by the strength of the Alibaba Group, Daraz is transforming into the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the region.

Over 8,000 essential grocery products and toiletries being handed over to the Foundation of Goodness for distribution amongst families in vulnerable communities islandwide

Image captions: Mr. Rakhil Fernando, Managing Director of Daraz Sri Lanka, officially handing over a token pack of essential items to Mr. Kushil Gunasekera, Founder and Chief Trustee of Foundation of Goodness

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