Monday, October 2, 2023

Sri Lanka startup Duzzcall set to revolutionize communication for businesses

Duzzcall, an innovative patented Sri Lankan start-up, is geared to revolutionize local and international communication in the country by allowing business subscribers to use traditional office phone lines free-of-charge, simply by using data calls.

Duzzcall is a cutting-edge app that enables corporates to have WhatsApp like data calls with their customers while having the calls connected to their PABX system. Through a plug-and-play device, Duzzcall transforms any fixed-line calling system with internet connection into a data-enabled calling service that bypasses traditional landlines. This means Duzzcall cost is only your data usage.

Mr. Deepak Ramnani , Managing Director & Mr.Shageevan Sachithanandan, Director of Duzzcall stated “For years now, we have all got used to connecting with loved ones all over the world on data through apps such as WhatsApp and Viber without having to spend on traditional voice calls that charge exorbitantly per minute. But this option was never available for companies and businesses.

Now, for the first time in Sri Lanka & soon internationally, we are happy to announce that businesses can call their customers through data calls and reduce their phone bills tremendously while also enjoying all the call functionalities they are used to on their normal office phone system. If your customers have downloaded your business mobile app with Duzzcall Integration, calls will be charged as data calls, making them considerably cheaper than standard calls, and depending on your data package.

Organisations of any size and across all industries can benefit from Duzzcall. Banks, insurance companies, telco operators, travel agencies, Hotels and similar organizations. The simple and affordable pricing structure of Duzzcall includes a one-time Installation Fee and monthly subscription charge per line with detailed E-bills.

Duzzcall, web site is, mobile apps will be available for download from App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

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