Monday, October 2, 2023

Sampath Bank stands committed to reinvigorate the Sri Lankan economy

As a responsible corporate citizen and a premier private sector bank in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank has once again showcased its unwavering commitment to supporting the Sri Lankan economy and its people throughout the past four to five years. Despite facing significant challenges, including the aftermath of the Easter attack, the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign currency crisis, and social unrest, the Bank has remained steadfast in its dedication to customers, the community, and deposit holders.

In a show of solidarity during tough times, the Bank has extended various forms of moratoria and concessionary repayment plans, providing much-needed relief to its customers. This commitment to alleviating economic pressure has been a cornerstone of Sampath Bank’s approach in these turbulent times.Furthermore, the Bank has continued its strong contribution to public financing, with an effective tax rate exceeding 56% for the period ending June 2023. These contributions, which include Income Tax, VAT on Financial Services, Social Security Contribution Levy, Crop Insurance Levy, and other indirect taxes, underscore the Bank’s role as a significant participant in Sri Lanka’s economic landscape.Sampath Bank’s dedication extends beyond financial matters, as demonstrated by its impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The Bank’s flagship project “Weweta Jeewayak,” a tank restoration endeavor, and the “A Breath to the Ocean” initiative aimed at restoring the oceanic ecosystem, reflect the Bank’s commitment to sustainability, environmental preservation, and community well-being.Financial HighlightsDuring the first half of 2023, Sampath Bank reported robust financial performance, with a profit before tax (PBT) of Rs 13.2 Bn and a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs 7.7 Bn, representing growth of 46.6% and 8.1% respectively compared to 1H 2022.Key financial highlights for 1H 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 include:Growth in Net Interest Income (NII) supported by higher AWPLR.A 13.6% increase in net fee and commission income driven by trade-related operations.A decline of exchange income due to LKR appreciation against USD.A significant 74.4% decline in impairment provision on loans and investments.Operating expenses increased by 19.1%.A 104% increase in total tax expenses due to the upward revision in income tax rate and the introduction of SSCL.The Group’s PBT and PAT for 1H 2023 were Rs 13.4 Bn and Rs 7.6 Bn respectively, reflecting growth of 39.3% and 3.6% respectively.Capital Ratios and AwardsSampath Bank’s capital adequacy ratios continued to improve, with CET 1, Tier 1, and total capital ratios standing at 13.89%, 13.89%, and 17.36% respectively as of June 30, 2023. This improvement is attributed to several factors, including a Tier 2 capital infusion, profit generation in 2023, and a decline in risk-weighted assets due to LKR appreciation.In recognition of its exceptional performance, Sampath Bank was honored with the esteemed title of “Best Bank in Sri Lanka for 2023” at the Euromoney Awards ceremony held in Hong Kong. This prestigious award, the fifth time the Bank has received it, underscores Sampath Bank’s enduring excellence and positive impact on society.Assets, Liabilities, and GrowthSampath Bank’s total assets increased by Rs 97 Bn (an annualized growth of 14.6%) from Rs 1.3 Tn as of December 31, 2022, to Rs 1.4 Tn as of June 30, 2023. Despite the LKR’s appreciation against the USD, the Bank’s total deposit book grew from Rs 1.1 Tn to Rs 1.14 Tn during the same period, demonstrating strong customer confidence.Commitment to the FutureLooking ahead, Sampath Bank remains committed to navigating challenges, contributing to the economy, supporting its customers, and positively impacting society through its sustainable initiatives. The Bank’s enduring resilience and commitment to excellence position it as a cornerstone of stability in the Sri Lankan financial landscape.Photo Captions:Image 1: Harsha Amarasekera, Chairman, Sampath Bank PLCImage 2: Ayodhya Iddawela Perera, Managing Director, Sampath Bank PLC

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