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SLT-MOBITEL hosts successful ‘Innovation Day 2023’ championing innovation and sparking creativity

Showcasing creativity and forward-thinking, SLT-MOBITEL successfully hosted the first 'Innovation Day 2023, supporting staff and budding external entrepreneurs. The event took place recently at the SLT-MOBITEL R&D Centre, The Embryo, Trace City, Maradana.

Fostering a culture of creativity and excellence, the event provided a platform to demonstrate cutting-edge solutions from the SLT-MOBITEL R&D team, company intrapreneurs through the Intrapreneurship Studio, and external entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurship Studio.

The finalists had the opportunity to exhibit their innovations and were presented with awards. Mr. Janaka Abeysinghe, the CEO of SLT, along with the senior management of SLT-MOBITEL, attended the event. They addressed the gathering, delivering motivating speeches. Attendees included staff, partners, tech start-ups, the tech community, and invited customers.

In hosting Innovation Day, SLT-MOBITEL cemented its position as an invention-driven digital services provider. The event successfully unveiled new product concepts for enterprises, provided a platform to generate growth opportunities, helped in building strategic partnerships, created business linkages with external partners, and contributed to shape the future of digital innovation in Sri Lanka.

The Innovation Day featured an exciting line-up of exhibits at ‘The Embryo’ R&D Unit, and showcased novel products such as 5G demo items, Querio AI, Raccoon AI, Smart Agro, Univo, Portable Soil Tester, NBIoT Dev Kit, Smarter Q, IIoT CMS, Emy BOT, etc. Further, solutions developed by the Intrapreneurship Studio Finalists and the Entrepreneurship Studio Finalists were also exhibited.

One of activities in Innovation Day was the awarding of the ‘Intrapreneurship Studio Programme — Cohort 2023/24’. The programme was designed to empower internal innovators and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into groundbreaking new products and solutions.

Honouring outstanding participants of the Intrapreneurship Studio Programme demonstrates the company's commitment to recognizing internal innovation efforts. It promotes an innovative mindset within the organization by celebrating pioneering ideas, process improvements, and solutions. Winners were presented valuable cash prizes.

In addition, through the ‘Entrepreneurship Studio Programme – Cohort 2023/24’, SLT-MOBITEL was able to reach out to external innovators/start-ups. Outstanding winners from the programme were announced to receive business support package worth LKR 1.5 million. The initiative aimed at supporting external innovation aligned to the organization.

Having undergone rigorous evaluation, finalists of the programmes demonstrated their innovations to event attendees and customers. The Entrepreneurship Studio Programme enables SLT-MOBITEL to extend business support and form collaborations with external innovators.

The event also served as a launchpad to enhance SLT-MOBITEL’s portfolio by incorporating promising products and solutions developed through the programmes. By featuring innovators, Innovation Day aimed at catalysing an innovative culture, growing strategic partnerships, providing impactful demonstrations, and ensuring new product onboarding.

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