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Marking World Environment Day 2024, Port City Colombo reaffirms its unwavering commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, as part of #GenerationRestoration. Embracing 2024’s theme – ‘Our Land. Our Future,’ Port City Colombo continues to lead by example, integrating the latest sustainability principles into every aspect of its development.

Port City Colombo stands as Sri Lanka’s first “Green and Blue Special Economic Zone (SEZ)”, dedicated to harmonising urban living with the natural environment. From meticulous planning and innovative design to responsible construction practices, sustainability is embedded in Port City Colombo’s underlying DNA. Its comprehensive Development Control Regulations (DCR), which govern all developments within this Special Economic Zone, illustrate this ethos whilst prioritising eco-friendly infrastructure, renewable energy, and green building standards.

“Port City Colombo is the embodiment of South Asia’s vision for a sustainable urban future. Our commitment towards fostering a positive culture of well-being and environmental stewardship in Sri Lanka is reflected in every facet of the project’s mixed-used, energy-efficient master-plan, which includes the central waterway, a beach area that is open for the general public, and curated green spaces,’ said Xiong Hongfeng, Managing Director of CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd. ‘With approximately 40 hectares of the Port City Colombo project dedicated to environmentally friendly public spaces, we aim to create a blue and green liveable master-planned city that will reinforce the underlying principles of sustainability.”

Port City Colombo’s master-plan will promote a balanced urban lifestyle through the creation of extensive green and blue spaces. Over 40 hectares of the 269-hectare development will be dedicated to parks, gardens, waterfront promenades, and beaches. These areas will enable increased sustainable living, and provide residents and visitors with a refreshing connection to nature.

For maximum energy efficiency, Port City Colombo will adhere to stringent energy standards and place an emphasis on renewable energy, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and optimise energy consumption. Advanced technologies and sustainable design practices will be seamlessly integrated into the project’s master-plan city design for this purpose.

To conserve water, Port City Colombo will feature state-of-the-art systems for rainwater harvesting and water recycling, ensuring efficient water use. Meanwhile, its waste management strategies will focus on minimising waste generation, maximising recycling rates, and reducing its overall environmental footprint.

A pedestrian-optimised transport network will further ensure efficient and eco-friendly mobility within Port City Colombo, whilst endorsing non-motorised transport such as cycling and walking. As part of its sustainability strategy, Port City Colombo will also provide developers, residents and other operators with several incentives for compliance with sustainable principles.

As Port City Colombo celebrates World Environment Day 2024, the project welcomes investors and the global community to join hands in building a greener future, and set the benchmark for sustainable urban development in South Asia.







Poised to redefine Sri Lanka’s economic and societal landscape, Port City Colombo (PCC) is a visionary multi-billion dollar FDI-funded project located at the very heart of the South Asian region — the vibrant, thriving metropolis of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Positioned as the gateway to South Asia, it offers a unique combination of global investment opportunities, international business environments, world-class infrastructure, and sustainable yet cosmopolitan living. As a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), PCC will feature a business-friendly environment including tax incentives and exemptions for a 25+ year period for Businesses of Strategic Importance (BSI’s), and transactions in foreign currencies, with no capital or exchange controls, and up to 100 percent foreign ownership. With upcoming developments such as Colombo International Financial Centre (CIFC), the luxury yacht marina retail and lifestyle offerings projected to break ground in 2024, PCC aims to emulate the successful economic models of Dubai or Singapore, whilst reinforcing the broader commitment to sustainability and liveability.


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