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Aberdeen Holdings Unveils the Snehadhana Foundation

Aberdeen Holdings Unveils the Snehadhana Foundation

Aberdeen Holdings has embarked on a new venture in corporate social responsibility with the establishment of the Snehadhana Foundation. Launched on March 8, 2024, this initiative underscores the company’s resolve to contribute meaningful and enduring enhancements to community welfare.


The inauguration of the Snehadhana Community Kitchen at 17th Lane, Colombo 03, marks the foundation's first foray into its benevolent mission. In a tangible response to the pervasive hardships exacerbated by the current national crisis, the kitchen provides over 100 underprivileged people with a nutritious dinner buffet on every working day, symbolizing Aberdeen’s dedication to tackling food insecurity.


Aberdeen Holdings, which already casts a large shadow with its fourteen subsidiaries and a workforce of over 1,300 professionals, is now set to expand its humanitarian outreach. The foundation's forward-thinking agenda includes the launch of more community kitchens, disaster response food assistance, and specialized meal programs for educational, maternal health, and medical institutions. These plans are poised to elevate Aberdeen's commitment to social responsibility, enhancing its impact on society.


The recent website launch of the Snehadhana Foundation further illustrates Aberdeen’s commitment to increasing public engagement with their CSR initiatives. The site, unveiled by Mr. Shafik Kassim, Director of Aberdeen Holdings, alongside Mr. Sattar Kassim, Chairman, and Mr. Osman Kassim, Emeritus Chairman, serves as a gateway for the public to explore about the project.


Aberdeen Holdings’ reputation as a pillar of community development was solidified in 2023, and it continues to lead by example, demonstrating how corporate integrity and visionary leadership can forge sustainable improvements in the lives of individuals across communities.


To learn more about the Snehadhana Foundation and its mission, visit

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1.      Abdullah Kassim, Director of Aberdeen Holdings giving a speech 

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