Friday, December 8, 2023

One Year, And Counting! 360 Wellness Turns One

Sri Lanka’s leading Cosmetic and Aesthetic Physician Dr. Sarah Fazy’s clinic 360 Wellness turned one. It is her belief that real beauty comes with balance and that is the epitome of what 360 Wellness is all about – the balance of beauty both within and visible on the outside.

Dr. Cherry as she is fondly known combined her passions of becoming a doctor and skincare when she chose to become a Cosmetic Physician. She is recognised nationally as an aesthetic expert and is frequently featured in media outlets. She is not only known for her unparalleled medical background; she also builds a true connection with her patients with her easy-going character and relatability. Over the years, her role has diversified and today, her clinic offers women and men the opportunity to unlock their inner best selves.

Dr. Sarah Fazy

“This milestone was and is a dream. A day in my life can be extremely challenging but my clients and their wellbeing are as important to me as my family and that is what 360 Wellness has been built upon,” shared Dr. Sarah. From providing cosmetic treatments and procedures such as scar management, hyperpigmentation treatments, skin tightening and hair reduction, to pigmentation corrections, chemical peels, body contouring and dermal fillers, 360 Wellness is every procedure possible with the latest technologies and best of care and service.

Dr. Sarah understands the necessity of skincare maintenance and stands by a medical-based approach towards wellness for all of her clients. The entire suite of treatments is created to improve and round out the best version of each individual, to their own satisfaction, using non-invasive to minimal invasive procedures, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of them. “Cutting is not part of the job and I think that is one of the primary reasons why my clients have a great deal of trust in the types of treatments and procedures that we offer. All our services are personalised as every individual is different and has very different desires. It is understood that the same treatment or medication would not apply to every individual and therefore we treat our clients with the greatest care and customised attention,” added Dr. Sarah.

The future of 360 Wellness will be focused on offering a unique combination of cosmetic and Ayurvedic treatments, a premier wellness tier of state-of-the-art procedures and also the opportunity for clients to engage in many services under one roof – including a gym, dental services, body and hair treatments, weight loss and more. “As a whole, my goal is to offer treatments that are extremely uncommon with the use of the latest devices without clients having to go under the knife. My team and I will continue to work together to find feasible solutions to enhance our clients’ natural beauty by bringing out the best in every one of them.” Dr. Sarah affirmed.

Ayurveda consultation by Dr Shalini Perera

For more information on the services offered and future updates, visit or call 94117112264. You can follow them on social media on drcherry_sl and

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