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A Legacy of Care: Hemas Hospitals, Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Healthcare Brand, Marks 15 Years of Excellence

Hemas Hospitals, Sri Lanka’s Most-Loved Healthcare Brand, proudly celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2023. This significant milestone not only reflects its unwavering commitment to healthful living but also highlights its remarkable journey of community building, innovation and achievement within Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector.

Through a diverse range of daring strategic moves, a focus on patient-centric care, cutting-edge technology, CSR initiatives and outreach programmes, Hemas Hospitals heals people while touching hearts, solidifying its position as a trusted and cherished healthcare institution in Sri Lanka. By establishing its hospitals in underserved communities with huge untapped potential, such as Wattala and Thalawathugoda, Hemas Hospitals has played a pivotal role as a catalyst driving positive change and accelerating the provision of high quality and affordable healthcare in these underserved markets.  

Being amongst the first hospitals to open in Wattala, Hemas Hospital has become a pillar of the community. In Thalawathugoda, the presence of Hemas Hospitals has brought world-class healthcare within easy reach of this growing suburb.

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Dr Lakith Peiris, Managing Director at Hemas Hospitals said, “Our goal has always been to provide healthcare with heartfelt compassion to all Sri Lankans, whilst enriching the communities that we serve. To do this, we have listened to the needs of patients, and then embraced state-of-the-art technology and digital innovations to provide high quality, affordable healthcare outcomes. Our commitment to patient-centric care, digital health advancements, and our pioneering initiatives like EHR and Telemedicine reflect our dedication to the community. Over the past 15 years, we have transformed the face of healthcare in Sri Lanka, and we look forward to remaining at the forefront in the years to come, providing all Sri Lankans with world-class healthcare.”

Early in its 15-year history, Hemas Hospital reached an important landmark, becoming the first internationally-accredited Sri Lankan hospital chain. Its prestigious Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) accreditation is a clear demonstration of Hemas Hospitals’ unwavering commitment to delivering world-class healthcare. Going beyond this, Hemas Hospitals has also distinguished itself as the most accredited chain of hospitals in Sri Lanka. Rising to the challenges of the global pandemic, Hemas Hospitals is also proudly the only Covid Certified hospital in Sri Lanka, assuring patients are always cared for in a safe and controlled environment.

A pioneer in the healthcare industry, Hemas Hospitals made history by becoming the first Sri Lankan hospital to implement Electronic Health Records (EHR). This achievement has elevated patient care to new heights, ensuring utmost privacy combined with instant accessibility, resulting in superior, efficient, timely, and personalized care. It has also allowed for seamless access to patient history across any Hemas Hospital touchpoint, enabling unparalleled interoperability through an omnichannel experience in healthcare for the first time in Sri Lanka.

In line with its commitment to cutting-edge technology, Hemas Hospitals has driven a remarkable digital transformation. All documents within the hospital are now seamlessly integrated into digital health platforms, marking a significant leap towards a paperless future whilst resharpening health delivery. This milestone underscores its dedication to embracing technology to further the goal of patient-centric care. From AI-driven diagnostics and precision medicine to telemedicine and digital health tools, Hemas Hospitals has consistently been at the forefront of medical advancement.

Hemas Hospitals’ drive towards the digital future of healthcare has also earned it the prestigious reputation of being Sri Lanka’s No.1 Smart Hospital, having introduced a range of innovative digitally-driven health solutions, including TeleMedicine, an Online Pharmacy, an Online Laboratory Portal providing patients with secure access to digital medical records 24/7, and even Tele-Physiotherapy. These services bring value, convenience, and comfort to patients, making healthcare more accessible to all, with less stress and discomfort. Furthermore, Hemas Home Care brings hospital-level care, including remote monitoring, to your home for everything from the common cold to delicate postsurgical care, helping patients recover and or cope with medical conditions better, and in a more familiar environment. 

Dr Lakith Peiris added, “As we mark 15 years, we remain committed to our purpose, ‘transforming lives through connected care and innovation’. This means transforming lives by improving health outcomes through patient-centric care, delivering connected care through a seamless integrated approach, enabling interoperability, and innovation across the delivery of all our solutions. At Hemas Hospitals, we are committed to delivering patient-centred care with compassion, love and a true sense of professionalism.”

Hemas Hospitals’ 15th Anniversary thus serves not only as an occasion to celebrate these outstanding achievements but also as a reminder of what is possible through innovation and a desire to drive real and meaningful change. As Sri Lanka’s No.1 smart hospital & most loved healthcare brand, Hemas continues to be the symbol of accessibility to affordable healthcare that is seamless and interoperable.

About Hemas Hospitals

Since its inception in 2008, Hemas Hospitals has risen to prominence as a leading healthcare institution in Sri Lanka. With its pioneering facilities in Wattala and Thalawathugoda, Hemas Hospitals has become a symbol of excellence, setting the bar high for quality, safety, and patient care. As a subsidiary of Hemas Holdings, a respected conglomerate with diverse interests, Hemas Hospitals has not only earned international recognition, including the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) Accreditation, but has also achieved the rare distinction of being the only Sri Lankan organization to receive Integrated Management System (IMS) accreditation.With a commitment to offering a comprehensive range of medical specialties and an extensive network of clinical laboratories, Hemas Hospitals continues on its journey of providing accessible and affordable, world-class healthcare for all Sri Lankans.

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