clock December 24,2023

Leading the Way of Sustainably: Ninewells Hospital; The First Private Healthcare Provider to Receive Prestigious Green Building Council Certification

Ninewells Hospital, Sri Lanka’s leader in woman and childcare has proudly achieved the Gold Standard Certification from the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL), becoming the first private hospital in Sri Lanka to receive the prestigious recognition. This certification underscores Ninewells’ position as the leader of sustainability in Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector, setting new benchmark for private healthcare providers across the Island.

Commenting on this milestone, Dr Vibash Wijeratne, Director & Chief Operations Officer of Ninewells Hospital said “Achieving the Gold Standard of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence across all facets of healthcare operation. As the first private hospital in Sri Lanka to receive this prestigious recognition, Ninewells Hospital is setting a new benchmark for environmentally-conscious healthcare providers in the region. We believe that sustainability is integral to exceptional healthcare, and this achievement aligns with our promise to maintain international standards while providing patients with unparalleled healthcare services in a warm, welcoming, and environmentally responsible environment.”

Mr. Anushka De Mel, the Resident Engineer & Facility Manager at Ninewells added “Embracing sustainability is a responsibility we owe to our community and the environment, unlocking the potential for great strides toward environmental responsibility, from solar energy initiatives to waste reduction. Thus, the Gold Standard Certification from the GBCSL reaffirms our dedication to pioneering sustainable healthcare practices in Sri Lanka, from the ground up.”

Established as a pioneering force in women and child healthcare services, Ninewells Hospital has successfully evolved over its storied 20-year journey. Located strategically in Narahenpita, the Hospital stands amid a highly urbanized area, surrounded by other prominent private hospitals. Ninewells’ commitment to responsible healthcare extends beyond medical excellence, embracing environmentally friendly practices across its operations. Driven by a focus on patient wellbeing, eco-preservation, and energy efficiency, Ninewells has undertaken substantial measures to reduce its carbon footprint and adverse effects on the environment.

Notably, a net-metered solar electricity system generating approximately 10,400 kWh of energy each month has been installed onsite, complemented by a solar-heated hot water system. In addition to this, mechanically ventilated spaces, CFC-free HVAC systems, water-efficient fixtures of renowned brands, and a dedication to waste reduction further underscore Ninewells’ commitment to sustainability. The Hospital premises is also designed with tranquillity in mind, featuring lush greenery and other environmental elements that help preserve the natural surroundings. Furthermore, Ninewells has also demonstrated a sincere dedication to reducing the volume of waste that reaches landfills and conducts many ongoing initiatives to encourage recycling, responsible disposal practices, and minimizing the use of plastics.

Accordingly, in recognition of its eco-friendly initiatives, Ninewells Hospital now proudly holds the Gold Standard certification from the GBCSL.

The GBCSL is a consensus-based not-for-profit organization, committed to developing a sustainable property industry in Sri Lanka by encouraging the adoption of green building practices. It is the only representative member in Sri Lanka of the World Green Building Council, which represents a large number of countries ranging from developed to developing nations.

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