Saturday, June 10, 2023

YouTube Go will leave in August

YouTube Go was created in 2016 as a lightweight alternative to the standard app for emerging markets, but it will be discontinued in August, according to the platform’s Community forums.

YouTube Go

Users of the lite version were encouraged to either switch to the full YouTube app on their Android or visit in the browser.

When YouTube Go was first released five years ago, viewers could not comment, post, or create content, nor could they use Dark Mode. All of these capabilities, however, have become an intrinsic part of the video platform, which is why the app will be discontinued.

The release also revealed that there have been performance improvements, particularly on low-end smartphones, and that the ordinary YouTube app will no longer put a load on connectivity or data pricing. Additional restrictions for reducing data usage are also in the works, which will benefit viewers with limited data plans.

We should also highlight that the smartphone market has changed dramatically in the last five years. Makers are releasing devices with more RAM and storage, improved processing power, and better battery management, all of which help typical programs operate smoothly and without serious hassles.

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