Friday, December 8, 2023

“Visual Fitness” by Vision Care brings special eye training packages to boost communication skills

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest vision and eye wear solutions provider, together with its “Visual Fitness” unit has introduced a number of unique eye training packages to help boost communication skills through enhancement of eyesight. These packages are ideally suited for athletes, dancers, pilots, military personnel, drivers, school students or any other professional.

“Visual Fitness” training is a form of specialised training that consists of a technique that can be exploited for those involved in other professions besides sportsmen in order to boost their skills through enhancement of their vision. Mastering competencies such as hand-eye coordination, reaction time and the ability to make correct decisions in high pressure situations is a requisite not just for athletes, dancers, pilots, military personnel, drivers, school students, but for any person in general. Special training can be obtained from “Visual Fitness” which helps to measure such skills and enhance them.

The specialised eye training packages introduced by the “Visual Fitness” unit include: “Memory+” package which helps to improve studies among school children by intensifying their communication skills; “Perfect Driver” package for drivers and learner drivers; “Eagle Eye” package for pilots who need to take instant but accurate decisions in emergency situations at high altitudes; “Extended Vision” package which helps to reduce visual impairment after the age of 40; “Perfect Rehab” package to rehabilitate athletes who face declining vision due to injuries or to rejuvenate patients with stroke related complications; “Dancers Motivator” package that sharpens the special communication skills that dancers need to direct their movements and maintain balance; “Tri-forces Training” package for officers of the armed forces who require skills such as the strategic instant reaction speed, communication skills such as making critical decisions and information processing in complex life threatening situations and “Visual Stress Release” package that can be used to reduce strain and stress to the eye.

Vision Care’s Visual Fitness unit uses the most advanced technologies for training. Prior to training, three basic examinations are carried out – Refraction, Orthoptic Assessment and Visual Fitness Test. After these tests, an internationally recognized Visual Fitness coach conducts further checks and prepares the training plan accordingly. More information can be obtained from the Visual Fitness Center located at the Vision Care Branch at No. 505, Union Place, Colombo 2.

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