Saturday, June 10, 2023

USAID Supports Sri Lanka’s First Energy Modeling and EEBC Compliance Training Programs

The Sri Lanka Energy Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), partnered with the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority to conduct a series of training sessions for professionals in building construction and operation, including government and private sector, on applying the Energy Efficiency Building Code (EEBC). The EEBC provides criteria to improve the energy performance of buildings through the incorporation of efficient energy conservation methods and practices.

From 16 -18 September 2022, the Sri Lanka Energy program conducted a training on EEBC Compliance for 60 participants from 55 public and private sector entities in Colombo. Compliance with the EEBC is expected to lead to reduced energy usage and lower electricity demand, thereby minimizing energy waste and harmful emissions and contributing towards a cleaner environment.

On 09 September and 21 September 2022, the Sri Lanka Energy Program held two training sessions on Complex Building Energy Modeling, the first such training in the country. The training occurred in Weligama and in Kandy and was attended by 23 participants from the government, private sector, and academia. In addition, the Sri Lanka Energy Program trained participants on the Quest and IES Virtual Environment Software, energy modelling and building performance simulation software programs.

These capacity-building programs will increase the knowledge and build awareness among professionals, including engineers and architects, on the importance of EEBC compliance during construction and advanced skills such as energy modelling for whole building energy performance. Ensuring the applications of Energy Modeling and compliance with the EEBC will improve energy efficiency in Sri Lanka, and potentially reduce costs and the country’s carbon footprint.

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