Friday, December 8, 2023

The innovative edible packaging pioneer Waffle Boy clinched the coveted National Gold Award at the National Industry Excellence Awards 2023

The innovative edible packaging pioneer, Waffle Boy, clinched the coveted National Gold Award in the Small Category at the 2023 National Industry Excellence Awards, organized by the Ministry of Industries. Originating from a humble experiment in 2011 within his mother’s kitchen to extend the shelf life of Waffle Cones, Waffle Boy has evolved significantly over the years. The company has successfully introduced a diverse range of groundbreaking products, including edible cups, edible cutlery, eco-friendly plates, fertilized grow pots, variously shaped tartlet shells, ready-to-eat fruit cocktails, and instant fried rice.

Chathuranga Kariawasam, the Managing Director of Waffle Boy, reflected on the company’s success story, stating, “The inspiration for edible cups struck me when I witnessed two scoops of ice cream served in a plastic cup with a plastic spoon, both destined for a bin overflowing with plastic waste.” He proudly highlighted that Waffle Boy’s innovations, such as the heat withstanding edible coffee cup and edible cutlery, are available in only a select few countries globally, emphasizing their importance in the face of climate change. In a remarkably short period, the company has garnered 12 awards, ranging from Best Innovation to Best Entrepreneur. In 2015, Waffle Boy transitioned to its dedicated factory, achieving ISO 22000, GMP, and HACCP certifications. The company has also created 30 employment opportunities. Chathuranga Kariawasam expressed gratitude to his dedicated team for their tireless contributions to this achievement, underscoring his vision to introduce new products to international markets and establish Waffle Boy as a global brand.

CAPTION – The Managing Director of Waffle Boy Chathuranga Kariawasam receiving the award

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