Friday, December 8, 2023

The Ceylon Pharma College holds its grand certificate awarding ceremony at BMICH

A grand event to award certificates to those who followed the Certificate and Advanced Course in Pharmacy Practice conducted by the Ceylon Pharma College, and to relaunch the college was recently held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo. The new logo and website of the college were unveiled during the event. Ceylon Pharma College conducts four courses, namely, Certificate Course in Pharmacy Practice, the Advance Course In Pharmacy Practice, the Professional Pharmacist Training, and workshops, with the aim of creating pharmacists, pharmacist assistants, professionals and entrepreneurs.

The uniqueness of the college’s courses is the ability to attend them from home through a special educational website. The courses are designed to cover all aspects including, but not limited to, prescription reading, Product identification, dispensing practice, aware about pharmaceutical drugs, and storage. The specialty of each course conducted by the college is that they provide the foundation that one needs to progress from Pharmacy Assistant to the highest professional level, to develop knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, and even to become an entrepreneur with their own pharmacy. “Everyone who successfully completes these courses is given a valuable certificate and our website ( will facilitate job search. This will also reduce the workload of the pharmacy owners in finding the staff they need. As a pharmacist who has been in the field of pharmacy for more than a decade, I am able to conduct these courses legally, practically and more accurately. Our office is located in the West Tower of the World Trade Centre (WTC) Colombo, and we have published information on recruiting students for new courses on our official Facebook page.” said the Chief Executive Officer of the college, Dilip Fonseka.

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