Saturday, June 10, 2023

Statement from SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines would like to correct certain false information circulating on media about the possible cancellation of a host of SriLankan Airlines’ flights due to the ongoing fuel shortage in Sri Lanka. SriLankan Airlines vehemently denies the accuracy of such information and confirms that it has been able to manage its flight schedule with suitable adjustments for over a week now, since the fuel shortage peaked in Sri Lanka.

Flight schedule changes that have been necessary to manage the prevailing circumstances include changes to the timing and duration of certain flights with the introduction of tech stops in select foreign airports for fuel tankering purposes. However, SriLankan Airlines continues to operate its flight schedule close to 100 per cent of efficiency despite any impediments and the operational implications of schedule revisions.

SriLankan Airlines would like to reassure customers that the airline remains at their service and is making every reasonable effort to operate with minimum interruptions to scheduled flight operations at this critical juncture. For more information contact your nearest SriLankan Airlines’ office or visit

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