Friday, December 8, 2023

Sri Lankan Tech Consortium Launches a Platform to manage USD 300 Million in Donor Funding in Mozambique

A pioneering Sri Lankan tech consortium has launched an innovative platform, offering the Government of Mozambique access to USD 300 million in donor funding. This revolutionary system marks a significant advancement in donor funding management, merging the expertise of 3W Consulting (Pvt) Ltd, Overdime Technologies and technology developed by Adventa Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Designed to handle projects worth billions of dollars, this platform is a significant step towards modernizing and improving governance. It follows international standards and strict project management guidelines used by non-governmental organizations. This makes is easier to coordinate projects, monitor them in real-time, and allocate resources efficiently, ultimately revolutionizing the way development efforts are carried out. Transparency is the cornerstone of this platform, featuring a public portal for nationwide project progress visibility, fostering stakeholder trust and enhancing accountability throughout project lifecycles.

Key features of the platform include: Efficient Resource Management: Utilizing cutting-edge project management capabilities to optimize donor fund allocation, ensuring tangible outcomes. Collaborative Synergy: Facilitating collaboration among government entities, UN agencies, development partners, and stakeholders to address humanitarian, social, and economic needs. Real-time Monitoring: Providing decision-makers with accurate, real-time project data for informed choices and timely interventions. Comprehensive Project Portfolio: Encompassing humanitarian assistance, social support, infrastructure rehabilitation, economic recovery, and financial activities, addressing a wide array of critical endeavors. The platform consists of latest technologies like low-code and mixed-code together with serverless platforms, contribute to its transformative potential. As Mozambique advances towards recovery and development, this platform takes a central role in catalyzing positive change. The collaborative efforts of the Sri Lankan tech consortium, driven by innovation and advanced technologies, embody Mozambique’s commitment to effective governance and sustainable growth.

CAPTION – Chathurika Wickramasinghe (MD – Adventa), Suresh De Silva (Director – Overdime Technologies),Stefan Moraes (Founder – 3W Group), Udana Wickramasinghe (Principal Solutions Architect – Adventa), Arshini Skandarajah (COO – 3W Group)

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