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Sri Lanka Insurance: A Progressive Work Place Driven by Shared Values

Sri Lanka Insurance – The nation’s protector the largest state owned insurer in the country having a large number of employees with diverse backgrounds, takes great pride in its people – the most important asset of the organisation.

With over 2600 employees and with an Agency force of more than 8000, SLIC believes in an organisational culture of shared core values among all employees. Mutual Trust and Respect, Togetherness, Professional Commitment, Ethics & Integrity and Strive for Excellence are the shared core values of SLIC, which is been practiced top down across all levels starting with the leadership of the organisation. It is important that the leadership and the senior management set the example at the top by living the values and become the change agents for the rest of the employees to follow.

As the organisation lives on these values the leadership ensures that the core values of SLIC endorses HR best practices that contributes to a positive and progressive work place culture that will retain its people for a longer period of time and make them feel proud to be a part of the company. SLIC welcomes diversity, inclusivity and equality at all times, which seek to promote fair treatment and full participation of all people in all business activities. Continuous dialog between the employer and employee is one of the key areas focused upon to maintain transparency where key decisions are made in concurrence with engaging stakeholders of interest including representation of union members.

It is imperative for a leader to be empathetic towards his/her people and hence SLIC believes in the importance of two-way communication. The culture at SLIC encourages its employees to share their thoughts and grievances with the management where necessary course of action will be taken to rectify concerns. Ex. Flexible working hours, remote working options were granted during the pandemic and these practices are continued till date based on mutual agreement between the respective stakeholders. Similarly, there are many forums, platforms that are made available for employees to get involved in sharing innovative ideas to drive business objectives.

SLIC follows a zero tolerance workplace harassment policy across all levels. Regardless of the nature of the harassment, the orgnaisation will always take necessary action to ensure such actions does not repeat and it is an eye opener for all employees that harassment is not tolerated in this work culture and an employee can trust in the system to voice up their concerns.

As a state orgnaisation Sri Lanka Insurance not only takes cares of its employees in terms of best practices, but it also bestows a range of benefits to its employees. Remuneration in par with the industry standards, seamless medical benefits, making ex-gratia payments for critical illness etc. Moreover, SLIC supports a culture of celebration and recognition and thus celebrates special milestones of employees.

Commenting on  ‘Work Place Culture’ at SLIC, Mr. Chandana Aluthgama, Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Insurance stated, a positive workplace culture contributes to a performing and progressive work place. It influences all stakeholders and it creates a confident Brand identity for the orgnaisation. Therefore, as an organisation it is a mindful decision we have taken that we drive our core values across the organisation at all levels to strengthen the foundation of the organisation culture. Furthermore, we believe in open dialogs, diversity and inclusivity, equality where all employees are treated fairly and we continuously encourage our employees to actively be a part of the transformational culture of SLIC”.

Sharing his views, Deputy General Manager – Human Resource and Employee Relations Mr. Rohitha Amarapala commented, Sri Lanka Insurance is a mature organisation with over six decades in business. Bringing in Change to a mature organisation is a challenge, however with a top down approach we have been successful in introducing shared values by setting an example at the leadership level. Also shared values foster a sense of unity among core-workers and nurture great working relationships.  A positive work culture improves communication and understanding among employees that leads to a harmonious and a progressive work environment.

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Mr. Chandana L.  Aluthgama – Chief Executive Officer, Sri Lanka Insurance

Mr. Rohitha Amarapala – Deputy General Manager – Human Resources & Employee Relations, Sri Lanka Insurance

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