Monday, October 2, 2023

Softlogic Life introduces a range of brand-new lullabies to inspire future generations to take Sri Lanka forward

Unleashing yet another ground-breaking initiative, Softlogic Life the fastest growing life insurer in Sri Lanka, recently commemorated World Children’s Day with their “Heta Rata Daru Nalawili” campaign, in an effort to inspire and positively contribute to Sri Lanka’s future generations.

Centred on the strength of the mother-child bond, the initial phase of this campaign took place during International Mother’s Day earlier this year. It is widely understood that lullabies are one of the first forms of communication between a mother and her child especially during a child’s early development stages. Recognizing the power that these lullabies hold, Softlogic Life invited the whole of Sri Lanka to submit their own creative lullabies, written in a manner to better suit the children of the modern age.

The response was encouraging, with nearly 300 submissions received from mothers, fathers, poets, writers and profiles of varying nature who had a love for the written word. And then on World Children’s Day, the “Heta Ratata Daru Nalawili campaign came to full circle, out of which 10 were shortlisted and produced as original lullabies, and for the 1st time in Sri Lanka a brand enlisted a playlist of lullabies to Spotify for the general public to access.

With a keen, long-term focus on inspiring future generations, this initiative falls in line with this year’s theme for Children which is to create ‘A Better Future for Every Child’, helping parents filter out all negativity and pass on good values to our children. By leveraging on the power of lullabies, the hope is that future generation of Sri Lankans will be instilled with the right values, mindset and the resilience to keep progressing and reaching for the stars and inadvertently – creating a better and brighter Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the innovative campaign, Softlogic Life Chief Marketing Officer, Kavi Rajapaksha stated, “We are a brand that’s truly committed towards driving a great quality of life among all Sri Lankans, and with Sri Lanka facing one of its most challenging periods, we felt that there was no better time than now to infuse positivity to the nation. We would like to thank everyone who partook in this campaign and helped with crafting of these beautiful and time relevant lullabies”

She further went onto to state “I must also touch upon the science behind the creation of the lullaby tracks that we chose to incorporate during production. So according to research things like Alpha Music can calm the senses, help with sleep and adjust thought waves to access the creative universe of the mind. Delta wave music is also another element that helps your infant feel as though they are still inside the womb and simulating this environment can help babies sleep better leading to good brain development.  Since a parent uses lullabies to put their child to sleep and keep them calm, we wanted to make sure these lullabies would do the job right and was created in a manner that was benefitting to parents.

About Softlogic Life

Softlogic Life Insurance PLC is a subsidiary of Softlogic Capital PLC and is part of the Softlogic Group, which is recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s most diversified and fastest-growing conglomerates with interests in Healthcare, Retail, ICT, Leisure, Automobiles and Financial Services. Significant stakeholders in the company include global investors Leapfrog Investments.

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