Monday, October 2, 2023

SLT-MOBITEL enriches Senior Citizens lives with innovative new package

Appreciating the dedicated service and invaluable contribution by senior citizens to the nation, SLT-MOBITEL, as the National ICT Solutions Provider, has introduced an innovative new package as a significant step towards enriching the lives of Senior citizens.

This special package includes key features such as affordable pricing. For a monthly rental of just Rs 300 (excluding taxes), seniors can access a comprehensive suite of services that provide their communication and digital needs. The package also provides a generous allocation of 1,000 minutes of free calls to Mobitel and numbers from any network, enabling seniors to stay in touch with their family and friends without concern for time limits.

Seniors who are text-savvy can enjoy the freedom of being able to send 1,000 free SMS to any network, facilitating seamless communication at their convenience. SLT-MOBITEL has recognised the importance of ensuring senior citizens stay connected online. The package includes 2GB of anytime data usage, empowering seniors to engage with digital content.

The new package is also a cost-effective solution, especially when faced with current economic challenges. The solution offers economical communication with any network voice calls, charged at just Rs 1.50/-. Moreover, saving on text and multimedia messaging ensures sending SMS or MMS to any network is a nominal charge of only 20 cents.

As the world advances rapidly in technology, SLT-MOBITEL is committed to bridging the digital divide. The pioneering new package for senior citizens reinforces SLT-MOBITEL’s dedication to supporting pensioners and the elderly to stay connected with their loved ones while embracing the digital age and catering to their unique communication needs. Accommodating varying data requirements, the package allows for 30 cents per MB of excess data, championing flexible data usage.

The new package holds the potential to redefine the digital landscape for senior citizens, equipping them with tools to stay connected, informed, and engaged and the ability to embrace technology to suit their needs.

Pensioners and senior citizens interested in subscribing to the package can obtain detailed information from SLT-MOBITEL sales outlets located island wide or by visiting the SLT-MOBITEL website at

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