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Samsung Takes Energy Saving to the Next Level, Adding 10% Savings on Top of the Highest Efficiency Standard


Samsung appliances use AI-centered features to help users create sustainable homes by offering energy savings that exceed the highest industry rating

Samsung Electronics explains how the company’s eco-conscious appliances deliver the ultimate energy savings at home by adding an additional 10% savings to the highest industry standard under the new European energy labeling system.1

As they set their vision on becoming the No. 1 energy efficient appliance brand, they showcase the Samsung appliances and technologies that are making it possible. Thanks to SmartThings Energy maximizing the features of Samsung appliances, users can enjoy the latest in appliance technologies while also being eco-conscious at home.

No. 1 Energy Efficient Refrigerators Offer Advanced Cooling and Power Savings

When it comes to at-home sustainability, the kitchen is a key focus area because it houses large appliances that are perpetually running. Fresh food storage, for example, requires refrigerators to maintain continuous operation and, consequently, a consistent power draw.

Addressing this, Samsung’s refrigerators were designed to reduce energy consumption with the deodorizing filter optimizing food storage. Samsung refrigerators are rated No. 1 in energy efficiency in their category and, in fact, provide an added 10% extra savings on top the current highest energy rating standard.

Wash Clothes For Less With No. 1 Energy Savings, AI-Powered Washers

Samsung’s AI™ Washers feature the latest in washing technologies providing users the quickest, most powerful laundry experience while also offering an extra 10% energy savings on top of the highest energy-rating standard. Plus, thanks to AI Energy mode, the washers can cut energy usage by up to 70%3 placing them as No. 1 in energy savings in their category.

Furthermore, AI Washer and Dryer uses advanced sensors to detect the weight of the fabric in each load. This data is then analyzed, providing washing and drying cycles that are optimized and matched to the garments’ materials, saving the user both time and energy. The feature reduces the amount of water usage by 24%.

As sustainability becomes a critical factor in our daily lives, Samsung is constantly innovating to create home appliances that can help save energy and resources at home. Samsung Home appliances can be purchased at authorized Samsung dealers; Softlogic, Singer, Singhagiri and Damro.



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