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Sadaharitha Group – Leader in Commercial forestry proudly celebrates 20th Anniversary

2022 marks the proud 20th anniversary of Sadaharitha Group, the leader in the Sri Lankan green commercial forestry sector. On the occasion of its anniversary, Sadaharitha Group is delighted to announce the offering of the latest green investment plans and special privileges to the people of Sri Lanka.

With two decades of proud achievements in Sri Lanka’s commercial forestry industry, Sadaharitha Group introduced innovative green investment plans to Sri Lanka and is acclaimed as the pioneering company that introduced the current extremely popular Agarwood forestry to Sri Lanka. Established in 2002, Sadaharitha Group has reached an important milestone in the national economy as a leading company in the plantation, export and investment sector in Sri Lanka. As the leader in the field of green investment, largely among the companies that generate dollars for the country, elevating the Sri Lankan name at the top of the global Agarwood market including Europe and the Middle East is a great achievement for the company in its 20 years long corporate journey.

Sadaharitha Group, which has created direct employment opportunities for more than 1,300 employees so far, is a local company that has also contributed greatly to reducing unemployment in Sri Lanka through indirect employment generation. The foundation of the company’s steady growth has been strengthened by the trust of over 35,000 customers. As a reward for the trust placed by their valued customers, Sadaharitha is the only Agarwood investment company to pioneer cash benefits to Agarwood investors in the history of Sri Lanka, in addition to doubling the guaranteed return amount promised to customers.

As the nation’s green brand, Sadaharitha Group’s first Agarwood plantation, which contributes directly to maintaining the environmental sustainability of the country through its business, is located in Nebada in the Kalutara district. Being Asia’s largest Agarwood plant nursery, Sadaharitha Plant Nursery and Research Center, is established in the Ingiriya area. Out of over 3,000 acres of land of Sadaharitha commercial forestry, Agarwood takes up more than 1,100 acres. To ensure security of customer benefits, and in keeping with the risk management method, the company has worked hard to establish its plantations to cover many areas of the island. So far, Sadaharitha has further invested in a 5,500-acre vanilla and oil palm plantation in Madagascar with the aim of ensuring customer benefits and making stability more sustainable in the changing local economic environment.

Sadaharitha Chairman, Mr. Sathis Nawarathne, reflecting on the twenty years of success of the Sadaharitha Group remarked, “In truth, we are a company that has been selling trust to the public for twenty years, rather than selling my commercial forestry investments. It is because of the firm trust placed in us that our customers and clients have stayed with us for twenty years. Our business transcends financial profits and we make a great commitment to protect environmental sustainability as a nation. Our customers have financial security, higher returns than other financial investments and the pride of fulfilling their responsibility towards the nation. The devotion of every employee towards the Sadaharitha family and their family alike, is reflected in the highest level of dedication, commitment and excellent customer service which is the foundation of our success. We have planned to open 100 of our own outlets to sell Agarwood based perfumes and other related products around the world, especially with the aim of establishing a superior brand. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all our employees who have shown commitment to the company by maintaining good financial discipline for our success as a Group today. I am also grateful to all our customers and stakeholders who have trusted us and associated with our company.”

In 2018, in addition to exporting Agarwood, which is used as an ingredient to produce the world’s most expensive perfumes, Sadaharitha also introduced a Sri Lankan perfume brand to the world. Agarwood oil extraction and chips manufacturing factory has also been established in Ingiriya.

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