Monday, October 2, 2023

Revisiting a Legacy at Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital 

Patricia Molloy, Joseph Fraser’s Granddaughter Visits Hospital to Mark Centennial Year

The famous women and children’s hospital, Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital witnessed a touching tribute to its storied 100-year legacy, as Patricia Molloy, the granddaughter of the hospital’s namesake, Joseph Fraser, visited the institution as a gesture of remembrance. A special event was held on the 24th of August 2023 to mark this touching moment, which served to reinforce the hospital’s commitment to women’s and children’s healthcare in Sri Lanka and pay tribute to its founding purpose. The visit and event coincide with the centennial year of the founding of the hospital in 1923, by Chrissie Fraser, in memory of her late husband, Joseph Fraser.

Surrounded by her family, which included 4th, 5th, and 6th generation descendants of Joseph Fraser, Patricia Molloy’s presence added a sense of familial connection to the event. The occasion was also graced by Mr. Theo Fernando, Managing Director of Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital, and Mr. Thomas Daetwyler, Trustee of Joseph Fraser Memorial who presented Patricia Molloy with a commemorative plaque, acknowledging the enduring dedication of the Fraser family to women’s healthcare.

The focal point of the event was the symbolic planting of an Indian Gooseberry (Nelli) tree within the hospital’s vast and luscious gardens. This gesture served as a tribute to growth, vitality, and continuity – values deeply intertwined with Joseph Fraser’s commitment to providing exceptional care to women and babies.

As part of the ceremony, an enlightening presentation also unfolded, shedding light on the hospital’s remarkable journey. Whilst acknowledging its centennial year, the Joseph Fraser Ninewells Hospital is poised to stride confidently into the future, continuing to set benchmarks in women’s healthcare in Sri Lanka. The hospital’s legacy of nurturing women’s health, and their children too, from birth through all of life’s transformational phases stands as a testament to its enduring commitment.

Patricia Molloy expressed her sentiments saying, “I’m pleased to honour my grandfather’s legacy and see it continuing into the present and the future. I am also deeply heartened to note that my grandmother’s vision lives on, embodied in the exceptional care provided by this historic institution.”

Managing Director, Theo Fernando added, “We look forward to building on our storied, rock-solid legacy and continuing to remain at the forefront of women’s and children’s healthcare in the century to come.”

Amidst the shared moments of gratitude and reflection, Patricia Molloy’s tribute reverberated with the spirit of Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital. Rooted in history, yet future-facing, the hospital’s commitment to exceptional care remains steadfast. Ultimately, the event served as a heartwarming reminder that legacy lies not merely in what is inherited, but also in what is passed on!

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