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The Gift of Life This Vesak: AIA Insurance Brings Clean Water to Kimbulpatiyawa.

The Gift of Life This Vesak: AIA Insurance Brings Clean Water to Kimbulpatiyawa.

This Vesak, AIA Insurance, Sri Lanka’s Most Respected and Most Loved Insurer in the Corporate Brands Category, proudly presented the greatest gift of life to the villagers of Kimbulpatiyawa, Anuradhapura which is clean and safe drinking water. Recognizing that clean water is the essence of life and a fundamental human necessity, AIA Insurance implemented a water purification system in this rural community. This significant initiative is part of their enduring commitment to help all Sri Lankans live healthier, longer, better lives.


Water is more than a natural resource; it is the foundation of health, wellbeing and prosperity. For the 300 families, approximately 1500 individuals and a primary school with 75 students in Kimbulpatiyawa, access to clean water has been a long-awaited dream. The lack of this vital resource had not only impacted their daily lives but also hindered their ability to celebrate Vesak, one of Sri Lanka’s most important religious festivals because without clean water, traditional celebrations, including organizing ‘dansal’ for spiritual blessings had been even more difficult to conduct due to health concerns. This year, AIA Insurance changed that narrative by installing a water purification system, enabling the villagers to celebrate Vesak to its fullest and ensuring clean water for everyday use.


"We believe that clean water is the gift of life and a basic human right," said Sasith Bambaradeniya, Chief Marketing Officer at AIA Insurance. "Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Kimbulpatiyawa, which allowed them to celebrate Vesak with dignity and joy, and to support their overall health and wellbeing long into the future. This initiative is a part of AIA Insurance’s ongoing mission to help all Sri Lankans live healthier, longer, better lives. The newly installed water purification system is a testament to our commitment to the communities we serve, providing a sustainable solution that will benefit current and future generations in Kimbulpatiyawa."


The impact of this initiative is already being felt within the community. "Having access to clean water helped us celebrate Vesak and host a fully-fledged ‘dansala’ for the first time in years," said Mr. G. N. Gunasekara, a resident of Kimbulpatiyawa. "This is a blessing for our entire village."


Ms. M. K. G. Morawaka, Horowpothana Divisional Secretary added, "Clean drinking water has been a vital necessity for the people of the Kimbulapitiya Village for their daily lives. With the rise of kidney patients in the village, the need for clean water was strongly felt. Our children and everyone in the village can now drink safe water and stay healthy. We are deeply grateful to AIA Insurance for this life-changing gift."


Mr. S. Neil Dissanayaka, the principal of the local primary school shared his thoughts, “This water purification system is a tremendous benefit for our students. They now have access to clean water at school, which means fewer health issues and better attendance. It’s a huge step forward for our community."


This year, the villagers celebrated Vesak with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have access to clean and safe water. This project embodies the spirit of giving and the community that Vesak represents, and AIA Insurance is honoured to be a part of it.



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