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SLIIT ROBOFEST 2024 opens registrations offering platform for next generation of leaders in robotics

SLIIT is proud to announce the commencement of registrations for ROBOFEST 2024, the nation's premier robotics competition. This year's event promises to be more exciting than ever, featuring new categories in AI innovations and an open category for industrial participants expanding the competition's horizons

Founded in 2010, ROBOFEST is an annual robotics competition organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at SLIIT. It aims to empower students at all levels to design, build, and engage with cutting-edge technologies in robotics, building innovation and creativity among Sri Lankan youth.

Now, ROBOFEST has evolved from a local contest into a prestigious national arena that nurtures innovation, creativity, and technological expertise among Sri Lanka's youth. SLIIT invites school pupils, undergraduates, and for the first time, the competition welcomes industrial innovators to showcase their skills in robotics and cutting-edge technologies, and potentially become the next generation of leaders in the field of robotics.

SLIIT understands that the true value of ROBOFEST extends far beyond the competition itself. The workshops and outreach programs preceding ROBOFEST 2024 are integral components of this educational initiative. Pre-competition activities serve as crucial stepping-stones, enabling participants to acquire valuable skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience in robotics and related technologies.

For school students, these workshops will offer a unique opportunity to gain practical experience that may not be available in their regular curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to work with advanced robotics equipment, learn basic programming concepts, and understand the principles of design and engineering that are crucial in robotics.

University students too will benefit from more advanced workshops, focusing on areas such as artificial intelligence in robotics, advanced programming techniques, and the latest trends in the field. These sessions will be led by industry experts and SLIIT faculty members, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

Registrations for the University, School and Open Categories are now open until the 15th of July 2024. The final competition is scheduled for September 19th and 20th, 2024.

With substantial prizes, workshops, and outreach programs, ROBOFEST 2024 is set to inspire and empower participants, fostering the growth of robotics and advanced technologies in Sri Lanka.

The winners of the University Category will be awarded a cash prize of LKR 100,000, first runners-up will receive LKR 75,000, and second runners-up will receive LKR 50,000.

SLIIT encourages students and innovators across Sri Lanka to seize this opportunity to showcase their theoretical and practical knowledge in an exciting, competitive atmosphere.

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