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Professor Ajith De Alwis Encourages AIA Higher Education Scholarship Winners to Reach for Excellence

Professor Ajith De Alwis Encourages AIA Higher Education Scholarship Winners to Reach for Excellence

The AIA Insurance's Higher Education Scholarships Programme celebrated its 29th consecutive year of recognizing the top performers from each district at the Grade 5 scholarship examination. Since its inception in 1994, the programme has been dedicated to supporting Sri Lanka's brightest students on their journey to success, irrespective of whether they are AIA customers or not. This year's awards ceremony was graced by the distinguished academic, Professor Ajith De Alwis, who shared invaluable insights to inspire the next generation of leaders.


The ceremony was a testament to AIA's commitment to nurturing the future of the nation by empowering the most talented students to pursue their higher education. Professor Ajith De Alwis, a distinguished academic, delivered an insightful speech at the AIA Higher Education Scholarship awards ceremony. He emphasized the unique era we live in, marked by the simultaneous occurrence of four industrial revolutions: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and neurotechnology. Amidst these advancements, Professor De Alwis highlighted the pressing issue of global warming, urging individuals to take responsibility for their actions and adopt sustainable practices. He emphasized the importance of not merely studying for academic achievement but rather cultivating a purpose and passion for learning. Stressing the significance of reading to enhance knowledge, he encouraged scholarship winners to aspire towards making meaningful contributions to society and improving the quality of life for others, highlighting that true fulfilment comes from serving the country and making a positive impact.


The event was punctuated by heartfelt expressions of gratitude from scholarship recipients, who recognized the transformative impact of the AIA Higher Education Scholarships on their academic and career aspirations. With over 750 students having qualified for the scholarships upon entering Advanced Level (A/L) education and more than 550 already benefiting from the monthly bursary, the programme continues to pave the way for future leaders across various fields, including medicine, law, and engineering.


Professor Ajith De Alwis's presence served as a beacon of inspiration, motivating scholarship winners to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to society. As the AIA Higher Education Scholarships Programme continues to empower deserving students, it embodies the spirit of hope and opportunity, shaping a brighter future for Sri Lanka.

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