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Food truck to restaurant chain: How Uber Eats helped Street Burger thrive

Food truck to restaurant chain: How Uber Eats helped Street Burger thrive

Street Burger started dishing out delicious burgers from a food truck and grew to become a popular eating joint in no time. But Tharique, Founder, Street Burger, had bigger plans. He had confidence in his product and wanted to take it to more Sri Lankans and expand operations. Scale and reach came with Uber Eats. As Sri Lanka’s most popular food and grocery delivery app, it was a big support for the young brand to be available on Uber Eats and the orders grew as word went around. Today, Street Burger has grown from being a food truck to a restaurant chain with four outlets and continues to expand.

“Our collaboration with Uber Eats has been a major contributor to our phenomenal growth, funneling a large amount of takeaway business to us, alongside our dine-in operations,” says Tharique at Street Burger. “Promotions and offers provided by Uber Eats also help drive business, while helping to promote our brand too. Furthermore, there is lots of useful tech, such as data analytics, order handling and delivery tracking, on the platform. These features, along with a robust customer feedback mechanism, are helping us to gain traction whilst also streamlining our operations,” he adds.

It’s also not just handling online ordering and delivery logistics - Uber Eats has supported Street Burger to increase business efficiency. Managing multiple outlets at different locations can pose challenges, but through a seamless platform process, Street Burger has been able to deliver exceptional food eating experiences through Uber Eats. Plus, with the data and insights provided by Uber Eats, Street Burger has been able to optimize its menu offerings by understanding customer preferences better and adapting their menu accordingly.

The fast food space is an always growing and highly competitive space in Sri Lanka where Short Eats continue to enjoy immense popularity. Uber Eats’ extensive network and loyal customers, or “Eaters'' as the brand calls them, has helped Street Burger maintain its unique identity and keep customers happy.

Tharique is happy with the progress and emphasizes that there is a lot more to do. “We cover a large area in Colombo, and we have only one delivery partner, and that is Uber Eats – for all of Sri Lanka. We want to expand further and will definitely rely on the support from Uber Eats -  we’ll continue to grow together.”

From a humble food truck to four thriving outlets, Street Burger’s growth story stands as an exemplary model to the transformative power of collaboration, and the rise of the on-demand economy. Meanwhile, Uber Eats remains committed to creating opportunities for young businesses like Street Burger and enabling seamless food and grocery delivery to your doorstep. 

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