Monday, December 4, 2023

OREL Academy to help nurture talent for the e-commerce sector

E-commerce today is accelerating due to it’s influence in just about every aspect of modern business, that has led to organizations having to harness the power of creating the right content and in utilizing that content to play a crucial role in driving site traffic, building brand authority, improving conversions and retaining brand loyalty.

Given this context, OREL Corporation that launched the Orel Academy to empower and train the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders with the requisite skills and practical knowledge to enable them to drive successful businesses into the next decade, conducted a comprehensive training on E- commerce Content Development with the aim of producing highly skilled talent with the new age skills increasingly in demand in the arena of  E-commerce.

Held at the Vocational Training Authority Center in Colombo, for ICT-NVQ Level 5 students, the session was conducted by Damitha Ginigaddarage, a veteran in the industry for over 15 years.

The training focused on helping the participants learn how to create dynamic and engaging digital content for the e-commerce environment and touched upon techniques to develop consumer insights, provide positive customer experiences and gain mastery of key e-commerce concepts. With a focus on career-ready learning and delivered through a blend of practical knowledge, useful toolkits, and combining conceptual learning with case study presentations of real-world online businesses and discussions on eCommerce impacting “breaking news” stories, the training session culminated in familiarizing the students with the core principles and best practices in eCommerce Content Development and in fostering ongoing innovation in e-commerce content marketing.

Speaking of this initiative, General Manager OREL Corporation, Mr. Chaminda De Silva said “with businesses increasingly moving operations and sales online, has ignited demand for e-commerce talent across industries. As the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models, we felt it was essential to equip our next generation with the necessary in demand skills to develop e-commerce strategies and content development, that will pave the way in giving them access to launch quality careers in the expanding digital fields. ”

With the Sri Lankan e-commerce sector catapulting with innovative businesses such as, Pick Me and, that has caught the attention of the global market, has in turn lured them to search for talent in e -commerce expertise for outsourcing work in Sri Lanka due to the industry facing a shortage of skilled talent, thereby opening up a means of generating much needed foreign revenue to the country through this sector.

As such, Orel Corporation, through the Orel Academy, hopes to play an integral role to engage in helping Sri Lanka benefit from the expansion of the global e-commerce industry, by producing the top talent required for this sector.

Photo Caption : Damitha Ginigaddarage conducting the training

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