Monday, October 2, 2023

NDB Screens the Latest Mission Impossible Movie for its Zee Customers

The youth of the country, predominantly from the Generation Z prioritize convenience, speed and connectivity above all in this era of technological innovation.

Thereby, as a digitally enabled Bank that is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the banking sector, NDB Bank’s Digital Youth Account, “NDB Zee,” encompasses an array of digital features curated to suit the diverse needs of these youths.

In a bid to further encourage the financial inclusivity of today’s youth, NDB Bank has organised a series of events targeting its Zee customers and potential youth customers. One such event was where NDB Zee account holders were invited for an exclusive screening of a premier show of Mission Impossible 2.This event was the latest in a series of “NDB Movie Reels” offered specifically for its NDB Zee customers.

The NDB Zee savings account has been specifically designed to assist the youth in exploring new vistas in life, guiding them to achieve significant milestones in their personal and professional lives. Catered to those between 18 and 28 years of age, NDB Zee offers a multitude of benefits tailor-made for its digitally savvy audiences, such as the option to open the account through NDB’s video-Know-Your-Customer (vKYC) process from wherever they are, without having to visit a branch.

Additionally, NDB Zee also recognises and reward high achievers. For instance, Zee account holders that rank first, island wide or district-wise, in GCE A/L examinations will receive cash prizes and customers will also be able to avail themselves of higher education loans and advisory services when required. Account holders will also be entitled to a birthday gift reward on their 21st birthday, and once employed, they will be able to apply for a credit card and salary advance. Additionally, they will be eligible for special card offers, discount offers from mobile providers, gym memberships, e-commerce offers, and more.

NDB Zee is a strategic part of the bank’s digital journey and is involved in exploring, investing and developing the digital banking arena while on the fast track to becoming the best digital banking provider for the country’s youth.

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