Saturday, June 10, 2023

Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals deploys latest technology for cataract surgeries

Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals, the newest hospital of its kind in Sri Lanka, has deployed the latest technology and world-class facilities to provide cataract surgery for patients of any age group, including pediatric.

The primary cause of blindness in the world is cataract with millions suffering from complete or partial blindness. Prevention and cure of cataract is an important national effort in Sri Lanka that requires the support of both the private and public healthcare systems. As a leading private hospital specializing in Eye and ENT care, Mount Lotus Hospital has stepped forward to meet this challenge by obtaining the services of a large number of experienced consultancy Ophthalmologists who offer the most advanced and comprehensive treatments for cataract patients with the support of well-trained, compassionate supporting staff. In addition to cataracts, the consultants are experts in managing all eye problems, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, corneal disease, retina conditions, and many other ophthalmologic disorders.

The eye is a fragile organ, and requires extreme care before, during, and after a surgical procedure. The healthcare professionals at Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals take all necessary precautions to ensure a successful outcome for the patient. If there is a requirement for the patient to be given an additional care following the surgery due to their advanced age or any other condition, the hospital will transfer the patient to a ward or private room, where they will be closely monitored by the team until fully recovered. The hospital also offers convenient insurance claiming facility including “Agrahara” or any other claiming facility according to the requirement.

Dr. Saman P. Basnayake – The General Manager of Mount Lotus Hospitals stated, “Although the treatment is fairly straightforward, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the country. As a dedicated Eye and ENT hospital it’s important that we join with the national effort to improve the quality of lives of our population by carrying out cataract surgeries. That is the reason why we have introduced the latest medical technology and acquired the advance services of topmost Ophthalmologists in the country, who are backed by our professional team, to carry out any complicated surgeries.”

Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals is a specialized hospital dedicated to providing a world-class range of Eye and ENT medical solutions to local and international patients. The hospital is Located at No.102, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia and fully-equipped with modern medical technologies and highly-acclaimed, skilled professionals to provide medical and surgical solutions for any kind of Eye and ENT impairment. The hospital’s well-trained specialists have years of experience and are backed by a professional, friendly support team who are knowledgeable in taking good care of patients. By using state-of-the-art medical equipment, they are able to carry out a wide range of Eye and ENT services that will provide patients with highest quality care in Sri Lanka.

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