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Meet Shayana from Batticaloa:The Teenage Artist making a difference

Kathleen Shayana Ravikumar is a 14 year old creative teenage artist from Batticaloa Sri Lanka. Currently at St. Cecilia’s Girls’ National School, Shayana is more than just an academic standout; she’s already carving out her path as a talented artist. In a conversation with Shayana, she shared her love for art, her dreams, and her passion for making a difference.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Kathleen Shayana Ravikumar, a student of St. Cecilia’s Girls’ National School in Batticaloa. I’ve been passionate about art since I was five years old.

Q: What are you currently learning?

I am always learning new things from my art! I also play the piano and the drums. I love singing and dancing, my creativity taking many of forms. I am also very much interested in photography. I also take my studies seriously and try to bring my creative side into the rest of my schooling.

Q: What is your ambition?

My biggest dream is to become a renowned artist. I believe art has power to communicate emotions and messages that words sometimes can’t. I also want to support underprivileged students by using my art as a means to raise funds for their education. Education makes my dreams possible, and I want to give others the chance to pursue their dreams too.

Q: What’s your favorite form of art or medium to work with?

I enjoy both traditional and digital art. Traditional art allows me to connect with the paper, but digital art has so many possibilities!

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

My family members have supported me in my art for as long as I can remember. My art teachers and friends are also a great encouragement, and their feedback helps me grow as an artist.

Q: Can you tell us about your recent art exhibition?

I participated in an Art Exhibition organized by the Eastern Province Cultural Department in collaboration with the Eastern University, Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies (SVIAS). I was the youngest artist featured, displaying both traditional and digital art pieces. I was so excited when a German tourist bought one of my artworks from the exhibition. This has inspired me even more, and I’m planning to have my own art exhibition in very soon.

Q: What are your plans for your upcoming exhibition?

I want my exhibition to be more than just a showcase of my art. I plan to use it as a fundraiser to support underprivileged students in their education. It’s a way for me to combine my passion for art with my ambition to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Q: Any advice for young artists and readers?

Everyone can draw! Art has the power to change the world!!

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