Saturday, April 1, 2023

Invest in Your Health with Mas Organix

Living a healthy life is not such a difficult task. Especially for a country like Sri Lanka where we boast a rich history of agriculture and an organic way of life. Our ancestors are known to have grown their own food in their back yards, lived long and healthy lives, passed down generational beauty secrets and so much more. Culminating all of this and my local products, Mas Organix recently opened its first modern Mini Mart in Galle. Mas Organix hopes to promote the idea that Natural Healthy Food is an Investment for long life.

Conveniently located at No.217/A Colombo Road, Mahamodara, Galle the modern air-conditioned mini-Mart gives shoppers the convenience of finding a range of organic products under one roof. The extensive product range includes many rare items that are also found only in Sri Lanka. Many products endemic to the Southern Coast can also be found. Products from local manufacturers like Ancient Nutra, Apex Aura, Coconut Miracle, Natural Bee Honey, Nature Healing, Siyarata, MAL Organic and Radha Lanka are also available.

Commenting on the opening of the Mini Mart Founder Samali de Silva said, “Sri Lanka is abundantly blessed with local produce and agriculture has been a way of life for our ancestors. At Mas Organix we strongly believe that the remedy for a healthier and better life is in the food and other products that we consume. There is a misconception that organic products are expensive and hard to find but we want to break that myth and assure our customers that they can find a range of products at our Mini Mart”.

The Mas Organix Mini Mart stocks local heirloom rice like Kaluheenati Suwandal, Pachchaperumal, Hangimuththan, Kuruluthuda, Ran Kahawanu, Madathwalu and many more. Ayurvedic remedies for various illnesses in porridge or herbal solution forms like Curry Leaves, Cinnamon, Venivel and Beli Mal are also available. Natural spices, organically sourced Bees Honey, Cinnamon Oil and Powders are among other popular products.

“As a very popular tourist destination we also hope to cater to the constant flow of tourist who visit Galle and are always looking for spices and local gift items totake back home. We have specially packed and curated gift boxes for these purposes. We also cater to a large expatriate community who live in the South and have vegetarian or vegan lifestyles” added SamaliDe Silva.

Apart from consumables, Mas Organix also has a range of Ayurvedic beauty products like soaps, scrubs and body washes that are carefully handcrafted to recipes that have stood the test of time. Mas supports many local producers of such products by providing them a platform to market and sell their products.

Mas Organix also hopes to expand to other areas in the South and throughout the island as well while working to promote locallly manufactured products. For more information, visit the new store or website

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