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INSEE Reaffirms Commitment to Sri Lanka’s Environment on World Nature Conservation Day

INSEE Cement Sri Lanka is spearheading initiatives for flora and fauna restoration in Sri Lanka, setting new benchmarks in sustainable corporate practices. Through meaningful collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka and global organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), INSEE has not only demonstrated its commitment to environmental preservation but also set an inspiring example for other organizations to follow.

On World Nature Conservation Day, INSEE Cement proudly reaffirms its unwavering commitment to nature conservation as a central pillar of the company’s Sustainability Ambition 2030. One of INSEE’s flagship nature conservation projects in Aruwakkalu is a shining example of this commitment. Situated in the Puttalam District, INSEE Cement initiated a ground-breaking restoration effort in 1999 that would preserve the area’s natural value, ecosystems and biodiversity and minimise the impact of excavation work in Aruwakkalu.

Discussing this ongoing project and INSEE’s wider environmental objectives, Jan Kunigk, Chief Executive Officer at INSEE Cement said, “Our environmental conservation work is not merely a checkbox on our sustainability agenda; it is a driving force behind everything we do. It is grounded in our INSEE commitment to care for our environment and for our communities. Marking World Nature Conservation Day, we take this opportunity to reiterate our pledge to preserve Sri Lanka’s biodiversity and protect our planet, working hand-in-hand with key organizations and stakeholders to build a sustainable future.”

INSEE Cement’s dedication to global conservation efforts is further amplified through its partnership with the IUCN. Collaborating closely with an organization renowned for its expertise in nature conservation, INSEE strives to align its initiatives with global conservation efforts, influencing positive change on a larger scale.

Dr Shamen Vidanage, Country Representative of the IUCN in Sri Lanka also commented saying, “INSEE Cement’s dedication to ecosystem restoration in Arawakkalu, is truly commendable. Without such efforts, these spent quarries would have turned into barren wastelands. Instead, they’re now thriving hubs of rich biodiversity, providing best practices for dry zone ecosystem restoration reflecting the splendour and beauty of nature. INSEE’s commitment to long-term environmental conservation and sustainability serves as a shining example for others to follow.”

INSEE Cement’s extensive restoration and conservation project at Arawakkalu adopts a holistic three-step approach, including refilling spent quarries, enriching the area with topsoil and planting for the future, where suitable species are planted in the restored soil during the Northeast Monsoon season, each year, for maximum effect. As a result, this ambitious project has not only contributed to flora and fauna restoration but has also helped to combat soil erosion, which is a critical challenge faced in the region.

To assess the project’s effectiveness, INSEE has implemented comprehensive systems for monitoring and tracking progress. The rehabilitated areas have been meticulously divided into 16 zones, where flora and fauna are sampled regularly. INSEE’s commitment to accuracy and transparency has even witnessed the establishment of permanent belt transects, providing an in-depth understanding of the ecological revival taking place.

Accordingly, the results of this flagship conservation project by INSEE Cement have been nothing short of remarkable. 270 individual trees belonging to 38 different species have been recorded during the past year, including the abundant Gedumba (Trema orientalis) and Maila (Bauhinia racemosa), demonstrating the project’s exceptional success.

However, the faunal diversity of the site truly underscores the project’s resoundingly positive impact. Across 10 sampling plots and 02 control sites, a staggering 182 species of fauna were recorded in the most recent survey. Among them, 20 were endemic and two were introduced species, while 14 species were nationally threatened, highlighting the site’s incredible potential as a sanctuary for vulnerable wildlife.

As the world grapples with the challenges posed by climate change and dwindling ecosystems, INSEE Cement stands as a beacon of hope, proving that responsible, ethical practices and environmental conservation, all go hand-in-hand in working towards a sustainable future. This World Nature Conservation Day, INSEE Cement invites all Sri Lankans to celebrate the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication toward safeguarding the wonders of our natural world and the infinite natural wealth of our Island home.

About INSEE Cement

Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited, also known as INSEE Cement, is a member of the Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), a leading cement manufacturer in Southeast Asia, founded in 1969 in Thailand. The Company is Sri Lanka’s leading, and only fully integrated, cement manufacturer offering a comprehensive portfolio of construction solutions, including the highly demanded INSEE Sanstha and INSEE Mahaweli Marine Plus brands in Sri Lanka. Powered by a 600-member team of professionals, the company continues to steer the local building and construction industry towards high-performing, low-carbon, and future-ready constructions, introducing consistently high-quality blended cement products and sustainable building materials through the company’s strong investment in innovation and R&D.

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