Saturday, December 9, 2023

iBEX Global USA opens in Sri Lanka

iBEX Global, one of the leading international trade finance services providers set up in the USA will be opening in Sri Lanka next month. The company has appointed Jayamal Hewage as the Managing Director since August 2022. He is also the Group Managing Director of diversified Jayamal Holdings Group of Companies. Chairman and founder of iBEX Global based in Atlanta, Georgia, who is currently in Sri Lanka at a special event held in Galle Face Hotel said that Sri Lanka is the third country after UAE to launch their operations.

He said that iBEX Global was set up four years ago by Maverick Robinson in the USA during the thick of the COVID pandemic at a time when companies were shutting down. “We saw a huge vacuum for logistic and international trade finance services mainly to import personal protective clothing (PPE) like masks from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. During that time the supply chains and support services were completely in disarray but with our professional team and international coordination we created and opened a new supply chain helping to save and protect the lives of many. By doing this we proved that there is opportunity in a crisis and we see similarities in Sri Lanka and this is why we decided to open here. Our primary focus centers on providing international trade finance services tailored to each customer’s unique needs.”

Sri Lanka’s total exports are around US dollars 11 million, Gem USD 200 million while its Spice exports (which are much sought after in the world) alone account for around USD 1 billion. “However this is not Sri Lanka’s true export potential and we see with better marketing networks, attractive packaging and product financing (of which we are experts) these exports can be increased by almost 20% in less than a year. In Sri Lanka and we are medium, Small and Macro size companies and those who come on board with us will be provided technical advice on product development and superior packaging and other technical advice all free of charge,” said iBEX Global, International Trade Finance Managing Director, USA, Dubai and Sri Lanka, Jayamal Hewage.

“They would also be linked with new global markets that were not accessible to them.” He said iBEX Global can even offer financing up to USD 10 million for companies to develop their product range. Our Services also include Standby Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit, RWA Documents, Documentary Letter Credit and many other similar services.” More information could be obtained from, or and

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