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From Sustainability to Opportunity: ADL’s Week of Impact in Malaysia

Axiata Digital Labs (ADL), the premier technological hub of Axiata Group Berhad, successfully held its eagerly awaited Sustainability Week. The occasion demonstrated the business’ attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to building a sustainable future.

The week-long campaign included a number of noteworthy sustainability activities meant to advance environmental awareness, community involvement, and information exchange. Throughout the week, ADL highlighted the company’s strategic focus on sustainability and its alignment with the Axiata Group Berhad Sustainability Framework.

Kicking off the Sustainability Week was a panel discussion that focused on green technology and where Thushera Kawdawatta, the Chief Executive Officer of ADL served as the keynote speaker. Respected professionals such as Salim Abu Haniffa, Head for Group Digital Advocacy at Axiata Malaysia, Adelene Anthony Sinniah, Senior Specialist for Group Sustainability at Axiata Malaysia, and Dr. Saman llankoon, Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering from the School of Engineering at Monash University Malaysia, joined him on the panel. The topic of technology’s role in promoting environmentally friendly practices and a greener future was extensively discussed.

Throughout Sustainability Week, ADL and ADL Heartbeat organized a number of contribution drives as part of their dedication to community welfare. Donations of critical food supplies and everyday necessities were made to the elder home Rumah Kasih in Kuala Lumpur. A variety of critical children’s supplies were also given to the Malaysian General Hospital Children’s Ward, helping those in need. The Setapak Blindness Special Education Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur, which provides specialized care and support to visually impaired children, also received a kind donation.

The debut of E-Waste Day, which reinforced ADL’s commitment to environmental stewardship, marked the culmination of Sustainability Week. Employees at ADL Malaysia were urged on the importance and how to properly dispose outdated and unwanted electronic equipment in order to contribute to a greener future. This campaign aims to promote sustainable practices within the company and increase awareness of the value of efficient e-waste management. The CEO of ADL, Thushera Kawdawatta, commented on the success of Sustainability Week by saying, “CSR and sustainability are intrinsic to our business strategy. We think we can significantly improve society and the environment through responsible actions and worthwhile efforts. Our Sustainability Week showcased our alignment with the Sustainability Framework of Axiata Group Berhad and showed our dedication to building a sustainable future.”

The ADL Sustainability week did not stop there. The talent acquisition team at ADL also worked with esteemed academic institutions that included the Multimedia University (MMU), APIIT Malaysia, and the University of Malaya. Our talent acquisition teams from Malaysia and Sri Lanka held joint training seminars, knowledge-sharing exercises, and a session on industry grooming, giving students new perspectives on the technology sector and its developments. The team also took part in the MMU Career Fair, demonstrating the variety of options offered at ADL Malaysia and interacting with eager students from the School of Computing.

“As we actively participate in career fairs, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing and valuing the potential of future generations, eager to make their mark on a digital scale. It’s inspiring to witness the bright young minds that Malaysia has to offer, and we believe in providing them with a platform to grow and thrive”, stated Thushera Kawdawatta, Chief Executive Officer of ADL. “Through a spectrum of dynamic learning and development programs, we empower the younger generation to expand their skills and knowledge, shaping and contributing towards a successful journey ahead,” further stated Thushera Kawdawatta, Chief Executive Officer of ADL. 

By offering telcos cutting-edge solutions like the Axonect Product Suite, ADL continues to be a leader in sustainable practices and innovation. The company is still dedicated to driving the digital transformation of the world and building a future in which telecoms may easily shift into tech firms.

About Axiata Digital Labs

Founded in 2019, Axiata Digital Labs is an innovative software service provider offering telco-focused digital and IT services and solutions that enable individuals, enterprises, and society. With over 1300 professionals spread across 3 countries, ADL helps global customers in the space of telecommunications, digital services & financial services.   

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