Friday, June 2, 2023

Footfall or web traffic; impressions matter

What is the first thing that attracts the customer to a product? It needs to be visually attractive and if it’s interesting, one will look into the details. What matters is how useful the product will be. Selling and buying online isn’t easy. Creating an impression with customers and marketing are two different aspects. This is not like walking into a store and physically seeing the product before you decide to take it or not. With online platforms, the customer relies entirely on the visual and the product description. From ESSHVA, Front-End Tech Lead Wedhaka Sharanga talks about his experience as a software developer.

ESSHVA, Front-End Tech Lead Wedhaka Sharanga

Two key teams; the Development Team (Front-End Developers & Back-End Developers) and the Design Team (User Interface & User Experience), come together to bring about a well-designed, well-put-together, final, complete product. UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) plays a pivotal role in the software industry. UI and UX are combined to visualize the user experience and the product concept as one complete picture. UI/ UX draws a big picture of the system and converts it into an attractive tempting design. A back-end developer would take the concept painted on by the UI/UX designer, and develop it into a realistic, applicable product. The software developer is tasked with bringing to life, the beautiful images of the UI/UX designer.

The process of working together with the Development and Design Team. To bring to life the concept of the Product Owner requires the creativity and the tech know-how of both these teams. Once the Design Team has visualized the Product Owners’ image in a tangible design, the Development Team brings up the rear with the actualisation of said product. The back-end developers play an intrinsic part in the product-building journey. Not only do they pay attention to each detail mapped out by the UI/UX team, but also to the details which might have been overlooked by them. During the process of the product building, the developers need to get involved with any changes to the product requested by the client, any additional features or any changes to the product have to be met by the developers on time.

Oftentimes, during the development process, the Product Owner may request changes to the already planned out design. Overnight, the entire look of the product will be changed without paying attention to the practicality of execution. In such instances, the product deployment may not happen on the agreed timeline, not to mention the practical roadblocks the Development Team may face in executing those requests.

In these instances, the Development Team and the Design Team have to join forces together, to keep the Product Owner satisfied by incorporating his ideas, and to keep the product stable by executing it practically. They must have each other’s backs. It is vital that they constructively weigh in on each other’s opinions and give good feedback to the Product Owner. By working as one team, the collaborative output between the design team and development team would yield a much more fruitful and amazingly well-planned, well-executed product in the end.

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