Saturday, December 9, 2023

Exterminators PLC enter strategic partnership with Sentario UK Limited

Exterminators PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier pest-tech company has recently entered a strategic partnership with Sentario Pest Management, a UK-based firm specialising in preventive pest management. This collaboration marks a significant development for Exterminators PLC as it looks to enhance its service standards and align itself with internationally recognised British and European pest management practices. Sentario UK Limited is a pest-tech and environmental enhancement technology company based in Watford, London, United Kingdom. The company specialises in offering effective solutions for the management and mitigation of pests utilising innovative products, solutions, and digital technologies powered by artificial intelligence. Through this franchising agreement, Exterminators PLC aims to adopt and implement some of the most rigorous and highly compliant pest management practices in the world, further improving its pest management standards in Sri Lanka.

As part of the partnership, Exterminators PLC will undergo intensive training to ensure its personnel are well-versed in Sentario UK’s pest management standards and practices. By adhering to these internationally recognised standards, Exterminators PLC will be better equipped to provide its customers with world-class pest management services. Sentario Pest Management UK will provide training on preventive pest management practices, technical expertise, customer service, pest and sanitation and food safety audits, reporting, and digital pest management. This will ensure that the company’s technicians are aware of the most effective methods and strategies for preventive pest management. The training will focus on developing the technical skills of Exterminators PLC’s technicians. The training will familiarise Exterminators PLC’s technicians with the specific products and tools recommended by Sentario Pest Management. The training will also cover safety protocols, best practices, and Sentario UK’s compliance and standards. Sentario UK will provide ongoing support and updates to Exterminators PLC beyond the initial training period. This will ensure that the company stays up to date with the latest global industry trends, techniques, and regulations. Chairman of Exterminators PLC Chaaminda Ratnayaka stated that the partnership with Sentario UK Limited will indeed enhance Exterminators PLC’s pest management standards by incorporating innovative services but also ensure that customers receive the most up-to-date and cutting-edge solutions for managing pests. In addition, the partnership will bring products, solutions, and digital technologies powered by artificial intelligence.

CAPTION – Chairman of Exterminators PLC Chaaminda Ratnayaka

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