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EKTC positions itself as market leader with diversified product portfolio as it gears up for next phase of growth

EuroKitchens Trading & Contracting (Pvt) Ltd. (EKTC), Sri Lanka’s pioneering hospitality solutions provider, is experiencing a strong client-led growth, leading up to a doubling of its annual revenue for the second year in a row as it gears up to establish a stronger regional presence. The company –with its solutions currently being offered in Sri Lanka and the Maldives- attributes this significant increase in demand for its products to its decision to strengthen its workforce by prioritising the hiring of skilled employees and the up skilling of its existing staff.

This increased financial yield cements the company’s position as the market leader in providing only the finest commercial cooking systems and appliances, especially during economically challenging times. However, in holding firm to its commitment to providing clients with comprehensive and A-grade product solutions, EKTC –a subsidiary of PromoLanka Holdings– has taken the decision to invest heavily in its operations; namely the people who run them.

Aside from decidedly recruiting highly skilled workers, the company has also taken several unconventional initiatives to improve the wellbeing and resourcefulness of its existing employees; be it through offering flexible work options to prioritise a healthy work-life balance, providing training workshops to fuel employee growth, or encouraging team-building exercises to foster a positive workplace culture. These employee-centred moves, the management says, have resulted in a high staff retention rate, leading in turn to an overall improvement in quality of products and services, and satisfied customers as a result.

“The decision we made to invest in employing more talented and passionate subject-matter experts has yielded evidently positive results and has also contributed towards helping us in improving our processes, allowing us in turn to provide a better customer experience” said Adil Mansoor, CEO of EKTC. “While we were already in a strategic position to weather the storms of the COVID pandemic and periods of economic instability, these new initiatives have further improved our product and services, and also enabled us to diversify our solutions offering further.”

“As a detail-oriented company, we have always prioritised our operations and processes,” said EKTC General Manager, Thushara Gunawardhana. “We currently work with the most up-to-date, internationally certified project management and design software, so as to ensure that we create only the best possible solutions for our growing client base.

“We also understand fully the market challenges with regards to shortages of manpower and rising costs, and our tailor-made solutions enable our clients to be better prepared to manage this,” he added. “We always take the more efficient and rational approach to driving long term sustainability for our clients.”

More recently, EKTC has broken into new verticals by expanding its portfolio to include industrial laundry solutions. Having laid the groundwork by working with suppliers and on boarding new technical hires, the company has already commenced providing this service to some of Sri Lanka’s largest players in the HORECA segment.

As the exclusive distributor for some of the world’s #1 industrial kitchenware brands –namely RATIONAL (Germany), Turbo Air (USA), and Comenda (Italy)-, and supplier of many more internationally reputed names, at present, EKTC is working closely with the country’s leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, franchises, and even cloud kitchens, with plans for an even greater expansion of its client base currently underway. Additionally, having now firmly established its presence in Asia and the Middle East, the company is also looking at broadening its international footprint – already making inroads into its next phase of growth.


EKTC 1: EKTC CEO Adil Mansoor

EKTC 2: EKTC General Manager Thushara Gunawardhana

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