Monday, October 2, 2023

Edge Nutrition relaunches MUSCLE EDGE to transform sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts

Edge Nutrition recently launched its signature product, MUSCLE EDGE, a high-quality Whey Protein Supplement accessible and affordable to all.

“The Lack of Protein in the Sri Lankan diet is the single most nutritional deficiency that has stunted not only our children’s physical growth and their ability to maximize their genetic potential but also has undermined the development of sporting talent for decades, resulting in mediocre performances,” says Talavou Alailima, Managing Director of Edge Nutrition and founder of Power World Gyms.

Whey Protein has proven to be the best source of protein, with the highest absorption rate, which is the primary ingredient of MUSCLE EDGE, consisting of over 70 percent of muscle-transforming protein per serving.

The protein in MUSCLE EDGE provides the necessary nutrients to build muscle, significantly helps build the immune system, and enhances cellular responses. MUSCLE EDGE is ideal for those engaging in weight-based activities to increase their strength and muscle size and those in sports, high-performance training, and fitness. When consuming MUSCLE EDGE consistently, together with the right intensity of exercise, you will continuously build muscle.

“MUSCLE EDGE is formulated to create Champions and ensure each serving is potent. The Whey Protein is made in the USA, making MUSCLE EDGE second to none worldwide. At a time when most cannot afford Whey Protein supplementation, we decided to relaunch MUSCLE EDGE as an affordable product with world-class Whey Protein to benefit our committed sportsmen and those determined to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.” says Talavou Alailima.

You can now purchase Muscle Edge by visiting

Edge Nutrition pioneered the Sri Lanka Sports and Performance Nutrition Supplementation industry in 2005 by Talavou Alailima and endorsed by the Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association. Today, with this launch of MUSCLE EDGE, he reactivates this critical vertical. Edge Nutrition will expand its range of supplements while always ensuring that it is affordable to young working adults without compromising on quality, which aligns with his mission when he founded Power World Gyms in 1994.

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