Monday, October 2, 2023

DFCC Bank Launches a Financial Solution to Make Your Ambitions a Reality

Secure Your Financial Future with DFCC Investment Planner

A short guide to investing towards your life goals.

In today’s fast-paced world, taking control of your financial journey is crucial for achieving your goals and securing a prosperous future. DFCC Bank understands the importance of investing early, and we have designed the DFCC Investment Planner to empower you to build a healthy investment fund effortlessly.

Seek High, Consistent, and Safe Returns

Finding investment options with high returns can be challenging, especially when traditional savings products fall short. DFCC Investment Planner offers a structured approach, allowing you to conveniently save a specified monthly amount for a predetermined period. By doing so, you can achieve a targeted lump sum with a guaranteed rate of return, helping you meet your investment goals.

Trusted Flexibility and Convenience

As your trusted partner in growth, DFCC Investment Planner provides unlimited flexibility. Choose from a wide range of plans, ranging from 2 to 15 years for LKR deposits and up to 5 years for FCY deposits. Our automated fund transfer facility ensures hassle-free and consistent contributions, eliminating the need for monthly manual payments.

Customizing your deposit amount and maturity period allows you to effortlessly plan for future investments like buying a dream home, funding education for you or your children, or ensuring a comfortable retirement. It can also help you achieve immediate goals, such as a dream holiday or the big ticket purchase you have been eyeing. With DFCC Investment Planner, you can open joint accounts, diversify your investments, and check your balance anytime through online banking.

Secured and Guaranteed Returns

DFCC Investment Planner stands out with its guaranteed maturity value. As a reputed commercial bank, we promise to deliver pre-planned investment returns, providing peace of mind and security. This confidence allows you to set and achieve any financial goal you desire with zero risk.

Giving Your Children a Head Start

At DFCC Bank, we believe in the power of early investing. That is why we have made DFCC Investment Planner available even for minors from birth, allowing you to instil financial responsibility and build a sturdy foundation for your children’s future. The DFCC Junior Investment Planner enables minors to embark on their investment journey with their parents’ or legal guardians’ support and guidance, giving them a head start.

Choose a Trusted Partner

When selecting an investment partner, DFCC Bank is the obvious choice. We understand the personal nature of investing and securing your legacy. With DFCC Investment Planner, we offer the highest interest rates in the market and a structured yet flexible approach to help you achieve your goals.

Begin Your Journey to Financial Independence Today

Take the first step towards financial independence by visiting your nearest DFCC Bank branch or calling our 24-hour hotline on 0112350000 and start securing your financial future with DFCC Investment Planner.

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