Friday, December 8, 2023

Brandix recommences its Blood Donation Drive to give back to Sri Lanka

With caring for the people, the planet and its communities sewn into the very fabric of its operations, Brandix has once again launched its Blood Donation Drive for the year 2022. Standing as a true pillar of support to the health of Sri Lanka’s citizenry, Brandix, the ‘Largest Corporate Blood Donor’ is expected to donate a significant volume of blood this year too through its inspired people.

With a sound understanding of how critical a sustained and consistent supply of blood is to the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), Brandix has been conducting an annual Blood Donation Drive for 13 years, with a temporary suspension in the past two years due to restrictions of the pandemic. This employee-driven initiative across its network in Sri Lanka which spans 23 locations engages more than 35,000 employees. This initiative is solely driven by the employees who donate their blood with the vision of supporting the life of another.

As Sri Lanka pushes through uncertain times, the country’s medical system is now at a time of need. Against the backdrop of the NBTS calling for donors during this time, Brandix has once again harnessed its inspired people to cater towards this humanitarian effort.

Speaking on the same, Malika Samaraweera, Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Brandix said, “The dedicated efforts of our employees to inspire more people to contribute towards this worthy cause reiterates that we really do have a family of Inspired People at Brandix who create a positive difference through their acts of selflessness.” She also added, “We, Brandix deliver inspired solutions to our Brandix family members and to the communities in which we serve. Our many efforts under our Manusathkara initiative include this Blood Donation Drive, actions to challenge food security issues with support for the cultivation of over 500 acres of land, water projects to provide access to clean water to over a quarter of a million people,and multiple scholarship programmes and provision of school essentials from Grade 1 through to University. Our objective is to make each location where we establish our facilities, to a better place than it was when we arrived, through enhancing the living conditions and wellbeing of the community.”

Meanwhile, Dr.Lakshman Edirisinghe, Director at National Blood Transfusion Service said, “The National Blood Transfusion Service relies on humanitarian efforts such as these to sustain our operations. Thanks to Brandix’s geographical presence, the NBTS receives an unhindered supply of blood across the island, including areas that may not usually receive donations of significant volume. We are confident that Brandix will continue to support us in our strife to uplift the lives of those who are in dire need of blood.”

After having contributed over 36,296 pints of blood since the inception of its blood drive initiative, Brandix is humbled to be the ‘Largest Corporate Blood Donor’, setting an example that runs parallel with the belief that giving blood, gives life itself.

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